Sunday, July 31, 2011

FSD: Lace Sculpting & Ruching

Last thursday we had a crazy weather, it's raining at one point then became sunny, then came some drizzles. I was too lazy to wake up and go to school, but it was couture day my favorite class of all. Here's the highlight of my day, Corset Lace Sculpting. 
Lace Sculpting is basically wrapping your corset by a corded lace making it look like just one piece. No seams, connections, cuts should show. It is done only and only by hand. 
Then next topic was Ruching (pronounced as roo-shing) it is gathering fabric to make it look wrinkled or rippled in a particular way. This technique requires a truckload of patience and a river of steel pins. This is also executed by hand sewing meticulously.
And here's a photo of my rainboots, coz I don't wanna get my feet wet.



Czarina said...

Lmfaoo nice rainboots.
I needa a new one this year.(x

MissGennD said...

It's rainy season here babe. I have another one in pink with lotsa hearts~

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