Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Upcoming Review: 10 Sophie Lippies

Yep! There's nothing wrong with your eyes. I couldn't even believe it! Php 79 for a lipstick? I have been using these lippies for quite sometime now and I am in love with them! 

It comes in 3.8 grams per tube. 

And 10 fun shades to choose from.

I'm wearing summer pink in this photo and it is my favorite so far! 
I finished 2 tubes already that's how much I like it!

If you don't have a local dealer near you I can always order for you if you wanna give theses lippies a try.  I will post a thorough review on these babies as soon as my flat renovation is complete. (If you want to check out what I am renovating at this time of the year click here.)


dona sung said...

gusto ko nitong sophie's L..,

Tiffiefum said...

omygosh those lippies look interesting, though I never tried them out before.:)

I like that shade on your lips Genn!

Btw, thanks for joining my giveaway.<3

Catmare said...

I haven't tried those lippies before but my friend gave me a Sophie Martin lip and cheek stain before. They look nice.

MissGennD said...

Hi Catmare!
Thanks for dropping by. I am totally in love with them! I never imagined a Php79 lipstick would be that good! The cheek stain is also one of their best sellers.

MissGennD said...

Hello Tiffie~
I can't stop raving about them! I was scared to try them out before (because of the price, dirt cheap = poor quality) but one tube after the other proved me wrong. Their Summer Pink looks like barbie pink in real life (as usual iphone's camera ruined the quality of my picture!)
I love giveaways! I'm excited to reach my 100th too~

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