Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank You Tiffie!

I'd like to thank my friends in this blogsphere by giving them something I made. You guys inspire me to continue blogging. I may not give you any material things right now, but I still want to give you guys something back. For the time you spend on reading my posts, commenting on it every time, even just by clicking my link means a lot to me. I'd be featuring one friend per post and make something artsy fartsy for that person.

Today I am thanking Tiffie of Tiffiefum Invasian
Thank you so much for the the sweet comments, and for being my friend here.
7/25/11-I made some changes~


Tiffiefum said...

Omygoodness Genn!!!!

I am soo ultimately flattered by this!! The artsy fartsy photo that you made? L-O-V-E-I-T! Hehe. Awww, you're sweet yourself dear!<3

I would definitely put this photo you made up on my blog for everyone to see as appreciation and thanks!^_^

Cheers to blogging!<3


MissGennD said...

Glad you liked it Tiffie!!! I enjoyed making it too!

sugar sugar said...

cute! :3 you're so sweet genn. ;)

Tiffiefum said...

Genn! I gave you 6 awards!Hope you like!!<33

Diane said...

one of my super super love.. hehehe sweet, humble and really cuutee!

MissGennD said...

Ms D. I super love this gal super bubbly and cute!

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