Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Won Sugar's Giveaway!

Last time Sugar hosted a giveaway and there was a bonus question. It was to guess her age just for fun. I actually didn't win the major prize but I was able to guess her age. When I received my prize today I was like I know I just won the consolation prize but it seems like I got the wrong package. She sent me tons of lovely stuff! It's like winning the major prize already! It has Tony Moly's masks, EH body moisturizer, EH nail polish, EH Facial wash,  NYX lip cream in Istanbul, EH mask I guess, and my first ever Charm kabuki brush! I was in deep awe with her generosity. I never received any thing this much from a friend. Plus there's this sweet little note in a Kimmidoll stationary thanking me for joining her giveaway. I think I should be the one thanking her for the gifts she gave me. To the Sweetest Sugar, Thank you so much for my lovely prizes! 
Look how neat and pretty her handwriting is!


sugar sugar said...

ahhh yes, please excuse my handwriting there. LOL! i just scribbled that down on the car. ^_^

glad you like everything. :) thought of including a brush because the prize in the giveaway you joined is a brush.

i think the point of giveaways is to share happiness somehow... i hope the prizes made you smile. ;)

actually, i rarely give one gift. i don't know why but i always end up giving at least two items whenever i give gifts except for christmas because i am extremely broke and poor around that time of the year.

MissGennD said...

I love everything babe~ And you did make me smile up to now. Hihihi! The brush is soooooo perfect, and cute and fluffy and pink. Thank you soo much Sugar~ <3

Nicole said...

Congrats! Great prizes! And thank you for commenting on my blog. Followed u back :)

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