Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank You Ishy~

To Ishy of -Inside Star's Heart- thank you so much for following me back. I really really like your Korean cosmetics reviews and looking forward to read more from your blog. Belated Happy Birthday to you dear~ Here's a little something from me~


Anonymous said...

she looks like... Christine Reyes! reaallyyy pretty! Ohmy Jenn.. we really appreciate your effort-- creating all these beautiful collage.. we seriously love it!

MissGennD said...

Ms D, yeah that's what I noticed too younger and fresher Christine Reyes. So purdy!!!!

I'm somewhat broke right now due to my renovation so I can't host a giveaway yet. I'm somewhat using my God-given talent to give back to all of you who followed me and inspired me to continue blogging. I might include some of my creations (clothes & accessories) once I'm ready for a giveaway. I'm glad you are liking it. =) Thanks Ms. D!

Inside Star's Heart said...

wow! genn thanks a bunch for that!! i really really appreciate it.. anyway, yeah people would always say that i look like cristine reyes. hahahaha . (i hope so. kkk~) much love Missgennd!

MissGennD said...

Hi Ishy~ We couldn't help it you are so purdy! Thanks for liking my simple creations.

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