Wednesday, August 31, 2011

♥Beauty/Fashion Bloggers Invades Trinoma♥

Gellie of So Gelleesh, Gie of thirdworldfashion, Eenah of Beauty Lil Secrets, Moi, Kai of Brew of the Day, Rache of Fashionist Architect, Aya of Codename Aya, & Jen of Shopgirl Jen
This event has a lot of firsts for me. It's my first time to visit Trinoma, first time to meet my co-bloggers, first time to try CBTL'S pasta, and a lot more. I was a few minutes late because I came from fabric shopping with my classmates. I first saw Gellie she's chatting with a lady named Rachel. Gellie introduced me to her telling me she's owns FashionistArtchitect blog. Then came Jen of Shopgirl Jen with her "SHADOW" cute lil Sofi. Then Aya, Kai & Gie followed. Eenah came in the last because she came from an errand and just squeezed us in her busy sched. I was so super hungry by the time I arrived because I haven't eaten a thing yet. Yup @ 3pm i haven't eaten my breakfast and all. So I ordered a pasta and a frap to satisfy my hunger. 
It was so much fun being with these girls! It's like meeting your long lost sisters and all of you are so kikay that you don't know which secret or beauty tip you'd like to share first. Since I sat near Gellie, Eenah & Gie they were the first girls I was able to chat and bond with. Then Kai came over to our side and made chika as well. I love her dress that she used as a vest on top of her all black ensemble. Most of us had something in common with each other. Like make-ups we are raving, events that we wish we could attend, dream bags, shoes, hair care secrets, nailart tips. Those 6 hours ain't enough for us to really get to know everyone right away. We swear that we are going to do this regularly for as long as we could.
Gellie, Eenah, Me and Gie
Then came to the highlight of our first meet. Gellie and I have been tweeting about it, we should bring a little something to be drawn manually at the meet. It's like a little souvenir from each other. I decided to bring some of my Tassle earrings. Yes, I made them myself because I it find out of my budget if I'm going to purchase online (yup, that's how I am. I recreate things and twist it to my version). I brought 5 pairs with me just incase some of them might want to have a pair too. I'm selling them for Php200/pair for the longest one. I will create a different post for that. I'm so glad they liked it! I was wearing one myself.
Gellie, Eenah & Me
Eenah was my first client. She wasn't informed about the exchange gift so she had nothing to share, until I told her she might wanna get some earrings from me (we were kidding her to just give us her beautiful rings~ Those precious rings from her Hubby <3) She immediately got the gold tassles and purple one and Kai got her gift. I had the purple/pink one gifted to Aya. And Gellie liked the one I was wearing and bought it right away. So i was left with the pink one (that explains why I am wearing the multi-colored here and pink on the latter photos).
Me, Aya & Kai
The gift giving started with Eena-Kai-Me-Aya-Eenah then Gie-Rach-Gie then Jen-Gellie-Jen. I got a Skinwhite beauty regimen from Kai and I'm super thankful about it. I don't have one right now because I am treating my face to just water. I had a breakout last month due to stress of my renovation and it left my forehead with ugly dark marks. Here are more photos I grabbed from Gellie, Aya, Gie, Jen & Kai. I left my camera because it's useless to bring it I forgot to charge it.

Gellie, Eenah, Rache, Me Sofi (our guest blogger) and Jen
Then Gie & Eenah had to leave after the CBTL meet. The rest decided to stroll around and do our hauls to the beauty section of Landmark. Beauty blogger meet wouldn't be complete without a haul I think. =)) It's like shopping with a conscience telling you if that product is a good buy or not. So we went crazy on that but was able to stop myself from purchasing more than what I need. While checking out their accessories me, Gellie and Kai spotted this huge mirror and decided to take a picture right in the middle of the pathway (where everyone passes by) and took us a couple of tries before we were able to snap one. Then Jen made us realize that there's a mirror behind us with no passersby. LOLS~

Rache and I went gaga over the Lory's hair treatment and can't choose between Shea Butter, Chocolate, Fruit Cocktail & Snake Oil flavor's they've got. I have the fruitcocktail already and I advised Rach that it'll do your hair good. It made my hair soft, shiny and smelled really good. I think my hair did all the persuasive talk to Rach and she got one tub for her. (PS. Rach I love those Korean stationery stuff we saw I wasn't able to sleep that night LOL~) Then we head to eat dinner after Gellie left (her Dad tricked her that they were goin out of town and that she needs to go home right away, and when she got home the lakad was cancelled. She texted us how sad she was leaving early.) Then we head to NBS to get Sofi her paper and glue and my planner. Then I learned that Kai was also into stuff that I am, like stationeries, stickers, planners, papers, sticky notes, and we both have our stationaries from our grade school. Thank God I am normal! I found someone who's still keeps their most loved statios from way back. 

This is our first and definitely not our last! And hopefully we could meet more bloggers this coming weekend! Jade of Sweethestia left before I was able to get there. I hope to meet you soon babe! There's and event this weekend @ Megamall (click here for more info) that I blogged about last night. I wish to meet each and everyone one of you especially those who followed me and I'm following locally. Here are the links to my fellow bloggerfriends I met last Monday arranged alphabetically. Do follow them, they don't bite~ Hihihi!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Phil-Cosmetics Expo - 4th Pilipinas Ang Ganda Mo!

Beauty Bloggers mark your calendars on
September 2-4, 2011
4th Phil-Cosmetic Expo will be held on the 5th level
Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall B
Mandaluyong City
I'll be dropping by both Friday and Saturday.
Hope to see you all there!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Imaginarium-FIP Graduation Fashion Show @ GB5

Last Thursday night Fashion Institute of the Philippines held their graduation fashion show at Greenbelt 5. There were 30 emerging fashion designers that showcased their garments on the runway. My class was dismissed earlier so we can prepare and attend the show. Some of the judges were Tim Yap, Divine Lee, Mama Rene, Daryl Chang, Andre Chang, and I wasn't able to get the rest of the judge's names. The grand prize winner would get an all expense paid travel to Paris! (Congrats Seph Bagasao for bagging the Designer of the Year 2011 Graduation show). I am looking forward to next year for I think I'll be included on the next batch graduating. 

We were there at exactly 6pm but all seats were already taken, and the event was jam packed. Like people couldn't pass anymore and had to make a detour inside the mall to be able to go out on the other side. Due to my knee surgery last year, my knee couldn't bear me standing or walking for hours. I need to rest every now and then (that explains why I'm sitting on these photo's I'm posting). I just wanna share what I wore to the event. It's nothing fancy, just my regular skinny jeans and a sequined blouse.
          • Stretched tulle blouse embellished with sequins
          • F21 gray tank top
          • Zara skinny jeans in dark denim
          • Flat leather boots
          • Zara gray shoulder bag
          • Rings from Aldo, H&M, F21 & GH
With my close friend and classmate Heijn
Me and my good friend Kim~
Our rings for the night
After the event we were so hungry despite the fact that we are getting finger foods, and wine from the waiters roaming around. We decided to get our Margarita, Pizza & Pasta at Capricciosa.
Enjoying our frozen Margaritas~
After having our dinner, we had to transfer elsewhere because they were cleaning out the place @ 10pm. We forgot it was a Thursday night not Saturday and usually restaurants and malls closes early on weekdays. So we transferred to CBTL and here are some of our camwhoring shots.

A few minutes before the show ended I send an SMS to my classmate telling her that I'm already in the event. Then I got a reply from Gellie of So Gelleesh telling me I sent my message to her instead of my friend. Then we found out that we are both in the same area. She's in GB4 and I'm in GB5. And we agreed to meet right away! Wooohooo! Finally I was able to meet Gellie accidentally. Here's a picture grabbed from Gellie (sorry Gellie I had to crop my muffin top LOLS! And the flash always ruins my photos making me look like espaface-espasol inspired face).

That's all for my thursday night. 
A strong typhoon is on it's way to Manila this long weekend. 
Stay safe everyone!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another One for Gelleesh~

To Gel of So Gelleesh, thank you so much for the friendship, and the giveaway I recently won! LOLS! Thank you for the tips, hauls, FOTDS and other stuff u share on your blog.Here's something for you babe! Hope You'll like it.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Thank You Gelleesh!

I've been twitting with Gelleesh and the rest of the tweethearts (friends I met from twitter) for almost a month now. And I am a sucker for giveaways! It's a way of supporting bloggers by joining their giveaways so that people who follow you either by twitter or blogger would be informed about it as well. I was confident that I already entered her contest until the very last minute when I was scanning my blog I couldn't find my post on her said giveaway. I rushed and followed the instructions needed to complete my entry. It was a last  minute dash for me. I was out last friday due to some thing I had to do @ the US Embassy, and was out the whole day. I went online around 12pm already and there a tweet from Gel, telling me she had a surprise for me. I won her first giveaway!!!
So, here's the loot I got from her. My heart jumped when I saw the planners. I love planners, notebooks, sticky notes, anything school supplies. I love to doodle! I have been telling her that I love what seemed to be notebooks from the photos but planners in real life. =) Sorry for the crappy photo I just used my iphone which never fails to produce excellent photos. LOLS~ I've got 2 colognes, a set of nail polishes, Freestyle CD, 2 lip balms, a set of GCs, and a beautiful postcard (first photo) with a personalized message just for me. Such a sweet lady! Look how pretty her handwriting! I envy people with beautiful penmanships.
To Gelleesh, thank you soo much for hosting this fab giveaway!
Hope to meet you too soon! <3


Breakfast at MissGennD's

This is one of the yummiest breakfast I ever had! 
Nothing fancy at all but this is one of the breakfasts I enjoy the most.
Known as one of the traditional breakfasts here in the Philippines.

Complete with Sinangag (garlic fried rice)

Tuyo (dried salted fish)

Eggs (sunny side-up for me) 

Suka (vinegar sprinkled with freshly grated garlic, pepper & chili powder)
Any Filipino dish won't be complete without a dip to go with it. So for this dish, Suka or fresh diced local tomatoes with salt/fish sauce would be it's perfect partner.

This is one of the breakfasts I never get tired of. It's perfect when you wake up on a rainy morning in the metro. It makes you appreciate simple things in life that can make you happy indeed. This is one of the blessings I am thankful for. Having food on my table no matter how fancy or cheap it is. 

Thank you Lord for my yummy breakfast this morning.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happiness Over Simple Things

Seeing this stall in the mall brought me back to memory lane. I am a sucker for street foods, and basically grew up with mamang taho and puto in the mornings, and manong ihaw-ihaw in the afties together with kuya fishballs, mangoes, turnips on sticks, scrambles. Me and my friends would even drive up to one of these private houses that grills isaw (chicken intestines), dugo (chicken blood dried and cubed), adidas (chicken feet), etc... And it would turn out to be a mini party for us, holding our bottled sodas and enjoying the fun of having your snack grilled right in front of you. It is something I really miss, especially when I transferred to another city. I live in a city where in it would be your lucky day to bump into one of these manongs. Those days were simply something I'd like to do again. Where, when you have Php50 you are good to go. When my life was still in the state of "just chillin" no pressures, no stress, no bills to pay, just plain and simple.
Turnips Php10, Green Mango Php20
So when I saw this one afternoon, imagine the excitement I immediately had. I miss that green mango with sweet and spicy bagoong (shirmp paste), as well as singkamas (turnips). I was too happy not to care if I would smell weird after eating these healthy snacks because of the shrimp paste. It is something I never had in 7 years. I know i can just simply buy them from the grocery and prepare them myself. The thing is I can't find the perfect shrimp paste that tastes just like manongs. And thier's tastes exaclty like the shrimp pastes you get from the streets but in a more hygenic and neat way. They have 3 different kinds of paste sweet, chili and sweet chili. They have different serving spoons per paste, the server uses subway gloves (A bit of a trivia here, that's the nickname of the poly glove you see most of the time beings used to prepare your food and popularized by Subway). They would slice our mangoes and turnips to bite sizes. I was in luck that that and I was hoping I could bump into mamang fishballs too. And my blast from the past experience would be complete! I am missing my friends from the hood while enjoying my mini street food fix in the mall. 
Then, while walking around I heard some ladies shouting SEAFOODS Ma'am, Sir!!! I came around and checked out what kind of seafood she's selling. And indeed it was my lucky day, they are selling deep fried dimsum in different kinds (these are the upgraded fishballs, squidballs, kikiams etc.) I had my eye on this crab egg which has 6 huge pieces in a stick. I asked for 2 orders of that sliced in half (I know it won't fit in my mouth so I had to ask them to half it). They also have different sauces to complete your order. And ofcourse I have my milktea with me (something that I'm having in replace of soda. I'm trying to quit drinking soda for health reasons). 

I hope this post triggered you to crave for some street foods we Pinoys literally grew up with. I've seen Boy Taho, Scramble Manila, and other street food deli's and yet have to try them one day. 

"It is the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise men are able to understand them" -Paulo Coelho

Saturday, August 13, 2011

NOTD-BK Crystal Sand in Black

This is a textured nail polish. 
I love how crystallized it feels and looks like.
No need to put top coating for this one.
Dries in less than 30 minutes seconds.

BK Crystal Sand in Black #27
Php 100.00


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini Haul: Etude House

Hello Tarties~
I finally gave in and joined the bandwagon of the Etude House craze! This is just a mini haul I made over the weekend. I want to try some of their products myself. I got me the following goodies:
Happy Tea Time facial foam in Aloe tea 
Costs: Php148.00

Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss in shade #03 
Costs: Php278.00

Apricot Stick in Cherry
Costs: Php 198.00

They gave me an Aloha Mascara Remover and my pink card as freebies.
I know it's not that much, but hey, I am happy with my purchase.


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