Sunday, July 31, 2011

FSD: Lace Sculpting & Ruching

Last thursday we had a crazy weather, it's raining at one point then became sunny, then came some drizzles. I was too lazy to wake up and go to school, but it was couture day my favorite class of all. Here's the highlight of my day, Corset Lace Sculpting. 
Lace Sculpting is basically wrapping your corset by a corded lace making it look like just one piece. No seams, connections, cuts should show. It is done only and only by hand. 
Then next topic was Ruching (pronounced as roo-shing) it is gathering fabric to make it look wrinkled or rippled in a particular way. This technique requires a truckload of patience and a river of steel pins. This is also executed by hand sewing meticulously.
And here's a photo of my rainboots, coz I don't wanna get my feet wet.


Something for Nadj

I was up early today and of course I went online after my morning routine. I saw Nadj adding me on skype and twitted about it. So I logged in skype as well, and we started chatting. 'Twas hella fun chatting with someone who has same interests as you do. It's make-up and kakikayan for us. I remembered she twitted about her signature for her blog and I offered to make something for her. So Nadj, here are the sigs you can use for your blog. I hope you'll like them as much as I loved making them.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thank You Elhay!

To Elhay of -SOBERPHOBIC- thank you so much for following me. It means a lot really. I love reading your posts and reviews. Here's something from me hope you'll like it.

Thank You Isha!

To Isha of -Psychedelic Me- thank you so much for following me. I love love love reading your posts especially the make-up reviews. Here's something for you sweetie~

I Won Sugar's Giveaway!

Last time Sugar hosted a giveaway and there was a bonus question. It was to guess her age just for fun. I actually didn't win the major prize but I was able to guess her age. When I received my prize today I was like I know I just won the consolation prize but it seems like I got the wrong package. She sent me tons of lovely stuff! It's like winning the major prize already! It has Tony Moly's masks, EH body moisturizer, EH nail polish, EH Facial wash,  NYX lip cream in Istanbul, EH mask I guess, and my first ever Charm kabuki brush! I was in deep awe with her generosity. I never received any thing this much from a friend. Plus there's this sweet little note in a Kimmidoll stationary thanking me for joining her giveaway. I think I should be the one thanking her for the gifts she gave me. To the Sweetest Sugar, Thank you so much for my lovely prizes! 
Look how neat and pretty her handwriting is!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank You Thiamere!

To Thiamere of -On beauty stuff and what else's...- Thank you so much for following me back. I love love love your nail art posts and the make up posts as well. Thank you for sharing them with us. Here's something for you dear~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank You Ishy~

To Ishy of -Inside Star's Heart- thank you so much for following me back. I really really like your Korean cosmetics reviews and looking forward to read more from your blog. Belated Happy Birthday to you dear~ Here's a little something from me~

Thank You Diane!

Thank you so much for following me back Diane! Thank you for sharing all those reviews to us your readers. Here's a little something for you~

And she's also having her first giveaway! Just click the photo and it will redirect you to her page.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Deserve These!

Thank you Tiffie of Tiffiefum Invasian for the homerun award! I bagged 6 of them! Woooooot!

Rules for these awards:
  1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Post se7en things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
  3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
  4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.
7 Facts about me:
  1. I am a sucker for anything artsy fartsy.
  2. I used to be 200lbs.
  3. I have a serious case of hoarding stuff I like.
  4. I have this weird talent in me that anything I see/want I am sure that I can recreate them. (It's like I can see their blueprints and then my mind processes the how-tos right away)
  5. I have a slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  6. I can't drink plain lukewarm water. It has to have a flavor, juice, tea, anything like mint leaves or slice of lemon but not plain lukewarm water! Or I won't drink at all.
  7. I'll be changing my zip code soon.
The Favorite Questions:
  • Name your favorite colors: 
    • Pink, Gold, Black
  • Name your favorite song:
    • Fireflies by Mike Tompkins Version
  • Name your favorite dessert:
    • Mango Nutella crepe
  • What pisses you off:
    • Stupidity
    • Liars, Pretentious bitches, 
    • Social climbers, & Gold diggers
  • When your upset you:
    • curse, sleep, draw, stitch, anything to keep my mind off the matter.
  • You favorite pet:
    • Blair my pet in Pet Society! LOLS!
    • Just kidding! I love Cotton my sister's pet. I don't have one here right now.
  • Black or White:
    • Black
  • Your biggest fear:
    • I surpassed my fear of injections last July 8 when I had 4 vaccines injected on me all at once.
    • So, my new fear would be accidents!
  • Best feature:
    • My eyes and lips~
  • Everyday Attitude:
    • God won't give me anything I can't handle with His help. So bring it on! 
  • What is perfection:
    • Is having an imperfect life in this imperfect world!
  • Guilty pleasures:
    • Grand vacations,  Craft supplies, and beautiful fabrics~
There you go, some facts and favorites about me. Hope you can share a bit of yourself too~ 

Lucky bloggers who'll get to have this 6 wonderful awards (Kreativ, Top 10, Versatile, Lovely, Stylish, Butterfly). I'm not just passing these to you ladies just because. I'd really like to know you well and be friends with all of you. And of course you deserve to have all of these awards!

Lisalora of My World
Tootsie Jean of Little Miss Brightside
Elhay of Soberphobic

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank You Anna Luisa!

To Anna Luisa of -Lots of Girl Stuff- thank you so much for being one of my first readers who liked my stuff and decided to follow me. You inspired me to post some more and try my best to update my blog. Here's something for you sweet lady~

Thank You Janina!

To Yna of -The Girly Diaries- thank you! For being a friend, for sharing your passion in fashion, for taking time to read my posts, for sharing good memories with me in fashion school. Here's one for you babe~

Thank you Dona & Kim!

To Dona of -Lovely Doinks/Doinks-, and Kim of -In Times Like These-, thank you! These two I considered as my younger sisters! I love them both! Thank you so much for all the memories we've shared and I am looking forward to more fun times with you both! Thank you for spending time reading and commenting on my blog. Here's something for yah!

Thank You Czarina!

Czarina of -Czarina C.-, thank you so much for spending time reading my posts and commenting on them as well. Here's something for you my dear. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank You Say!

Thank you for all the tutorials you've shared, tips and tricks on putting on make-up, and for being such a wonderful person. Thank you for inspiring me Say! Here's something for you babe~

Thank You Sugar!

Thank you to my sweetest Sugar of Whimsical Whatnots and Whatever! Thank you for sharing your tips, hauls, and of course my favorite food posts! You never fail to make me hungry every time. Here's something I've made for you.

Thank You Kingking!

This one goes to Kingking of 25,000 Megawatt-Smile. Thank you so much for the lovely comments and for the time spent reading my posts. Hope you'll like this.

Thank You Tiffie!

I'd like to thank my friends in this blogsphere by giving them something I made. You guys inspire me to continue blogging. I may not give you any material things right now, but I still want to give you guys something back. For the time you spend on reading my posts, commenting on it every time, even just by clicking my link means a lot to me. I'd be featuring one friend per post and make something artsy fartsy for that person.

Today I am thanking Tiffie of Tiffiefum Invasian
Thank you so much for the the sweet comments, and for being my friend here.
7/25/11-I made some changes~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

FSD: Philippine Sleeves

FSD: Fashion School Diary

Today, in my Haute Couture class we did 2 kinds of collars, and this beautiful butterfly sleeves. It is also known as the Philippine Sleeve. We normally use it in our national costumes and gowns. Standing collar, and Portrait collar made me nauseous, sleepy, lazy, & tired. Hmmm well not just me, Abet on the other hand, needed some sugar rush for he was literally falling asleep while finishing the portrait collar. So he went to 711 to get the class some donuts (thanks babe for the DD's). After 2 hours we were able to finish that thing and moved to the next topic, which is the butterfly sleeve! We got really excited for we  love it, 'twas beautiful and very classy. We had so much fun doing it that we decided to do it on a real fabric next time. So, here's a picture of me and Abet with our butterfly sleeves. Me-Gagafied! LOLS!
Take 2! Gagafied my eyes~ LOLS!
I am sick today that's why I looked so plain and oily. I was not in the mood to put on anything not even a face powder. So that's just moisturizer some dirt and oil. At least I was able to manage a smile and was able to go to class. I had a swedish massage last monday and got fever the next day. Is that normal or is it just me? It's not my first time to get a massage but I always get sick after getting one... =(

I Miss You Pangs!

The 30 day photo challenge
Day 30 - A photo of someone you miss.
This is my sister dear and I call her Pangs. No, actually we call each other Pangs (short for panget~ LOLS). That's how sweet we are. We call each other names and bully each other every time we get the chance. First 30 minutes of our skyping time would go pissing each other off. Then laugh at it when we're done with it. I haven't seen her for more than 10 years now. I still remember, I used to drop by her classroom on my recess time just to check on her and make sure she's not crying in her class. I used to put make-up on her every time she has a party, and even designed her prom dress. We would go christmas shopping together and made sure we are on each other's top list. I would always treat her out to KFC every sunday, because we're the only one's left at home and too lazy to cook. We went through a lot of things. She's the only person I can talk to heart to heart. She's the only person I always pray to have a long life and good health every night. I can go on forever with fun memories we've had. God, I miss her so much! I can't wait to see her and hug her! She's all grown up now, but I still see her as my cute little sister. The baby I used to kiss a lot until she cries and my mom would shoo me away, is now a beautiful lady. And she's visiting me this September! I can't wait! I'd bring her to places I love to eat, shop, party and hang out. I would let her meet my friends (she knows all my friends even the guys I dated). I'd bring her to my belly dancing class, hiphop dance class, even to my sewing class. I can't wait to do a lot of things with her again. I'm sorry Pangs if I wasn't able to be there all the time. But this time we'll have loads of fun! And it'll be forever! I miss you and love you my little sister! You will always be my little sister~


The 30 day photo challenge
Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm going to sell these babies soon. They come in different colors and sizes. In both gold and silver metal caps & hooks. Just leave me a message if you'd like to have a pair.
Long: About 5-6 inches costs Php 200
Medium: 4-5 inches Php 150
Short: 3-4 inches Php 100

Last Friday Night

Warning: Picture heavy post~
Last friday it was our school's 8th year anniversary. And what would be the best way to celebrate it? Of course a fashion show at Sofitel's Fever Luxe Lounge. The theme was Red, Black & White, but more students opted to wear black including me. We had an open bar started @ 9pm, fashion show started around 11pm.

Since I'm not allowed to wear high heels yet, I used my boots for this event.

Open bar wooooot~

The owner of Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Mr. Shannon Pamaong.

Mama Rene Salud our school's president.

Then we headed to Republiq after party.

 That's what happened last friday night~
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