Thursday, July 21, 2011

FSD: Philippine Sleeves

FSD: Fashion School Diary

Today, in my Haute Couture class we did 2 kinds of collars, and this beautiful butterfly sleeves. It is also known as the Philippine Sleeve. We normally use it in our national costumes and gowns. Standing collar, and Portrait collar made me nauseous, sleepy, lazy, & tired. Hmmm well not just me, Abet on the other hand, needed some sugar rush for he was literally falling asleep while finishing the portrait collar. So he went to 711 to get the class some donuts (thanks babe for the DD's). After 2 hours we were able to finish that thing and moved to the next topic, which is the butterfly sleeve! We got really excited for we  love it, 'twas beautiful and very classy. We had so much fun doing it that we decided to do it on a real fabric next time. So, here's a picture of me and Abet with our butterfly sleeves. Me-Gagafied! LOLS!
Take 2! Gagafied my eyes~ LOLS!
I am sick today that's why I looked so plain and oily. I was not in the mood to put on anything not even a face powder. So that's just moisturizer some dirt and oil. At least I was able to manage a smile and was able to go to class. I had a swedish massage last monday and got fever the next day. Is that normal or is it just me? It's not my first time to get a massage but I always get sick after getting one... =(


Unknown said...

Na-shock naman ako sa Lady Gaga googly eyes :P

Anyway, I don't like massages too. I feel so worn out afterwards instead of feeling refreshed.

AteeNadj Nadj said...

Nice naman ung effect ng Lady Gaga eyes. :)

Yes yes nabsa ko nga ung blog about U and Sannie nung birthday un ni Say dba? Hehe!

Followed you too! <3

MissGennD said...

@ Rae-I can't stop laughing at my gaga eyes! Grabe, last night nilagnat pa din ako. Never again ako magpapamassage dun. Thanks for dropping by~

@ Nadj-Kaaliw lang ung eyes noh? Hihihi! Thanks for following me back~

Anonymous said...

lol super cuteeee! gagafied lol

MissGennD said...

Diane-super cute and hella funny! Until now I can't stop laughing at it~ Hahahaha! Thanks for following me.

C. said...

ohh interesting havent heard of the sleeves before. LOL your eyes :P :P xx

MissGennD said...

@ C. That's something you'll see in our national costume for the ladies. Super funny eyes right?
Thanks for dropping by~

Mae said...

hi there Genn.. I would just like to ask kung may alam kang store where I can buy affordable filipiniana dress.. :)

MissGennD said...

@ Sannie-Kultura in SM malls or Costura in landmark (classmate ko ung owner) Lemme know ung budget then i'll check if i can get u a gown for a discounted price. =)

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