Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NOTW: Fairy Dusts & Happy Thoughts

Hello there Tartybelles~
I'd like to share my NOTW. Inspired by Peter Pan's fairy dusts. At first I was a bit hesitant using just these 2 polishes without any colored polish as a base at all. I was thinking that the glitters might not show up because my nails are translucent. I loved how it turned out so pretty and neat! I am so happy I got these 2 NYX girls polish from the Megabrands sale last weekend (Php 95/bottle). Pictures were just taken from my iphone so as usual I have a crappy quality. I did try a few shots to capture the glitters though. =)

NYX girls Alps Bunny
NYX girls Spot Light
(applied on my ring and thumb fingernails
That's all I for now. I have tons of things to blog about from hauls to party & events. Stay tuned babes!



Janinay said...

Ganda nails! :D

Myrted said...

Those glitters looks really dashing and beautiful on your nails! :) Pretty for parties this coming Christmas Season. :)


Diane said...

i'm loving glittery polish too.. haha love those bling! kisses

Jackie said...

those are darling! very pretty!

Genn said...

@Ninay-Thanks babe~

@Myrted-Yeah perfect for upcoming parties! Just hafta change the base color to green, red, pink or gold~

@Diane-I have another on from face shop it has pink hearts naman~

@Jackie-I can't stop looking at them. =)

Thank you ladies <3

Aya said...

That's a nice glitter polish :D

MissGennD said...

Thanks Aya! Super nice and neat~ Makes me wanna fly like Tinkerbelle~ hihihi!

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