Thursday, October 13, 2011

12-MissGennD, MissGennD Where have you been?

I've been to London to visit the Queen... NOT!
I've been cleaning like Cinderella in my little humble home.
I have been MIA since mid-September due to a lot of things.
Lemme count the reasons why I've been out for almost half a month...
A side of my living room that is somewhat clutter-free
I had a major renovation here in my flat about 2 months ago. And since I live in a building, having it done right away is next to impossible. There are just specific times where my workers can do their thing. And they aren't allowed to work on weekends, which is the only free time I've got. It took us more than 3 months to finish the mini renovation. We had to bring down one wall and turn it into a mini bar. Change the ceiling on my dirty kitchen. Install granites on my bar and pantry. And there's a lot more to that. That renovation caused me a lot of pimples and sleepless nights thinking when it would actually be done. 

Just imagine my happiness when I my curtains are already up! I can't wait to finish cleaning up and tidying up my place. I've got my sofa now, wall papers will be installed in a few weeks. I've been cleaning like Cinderella whenever I get a chance to. With all the events, movies, school, plus my daily chores, I am looking to finish this all up by the end of October. Wish me luck! I need all the luck in the world for I am doing this alone. Thank you so  much for not leaving my little corner while I was out busy doing a lot of things. Will post an update on how I designed and clean up my flat. 



Tiffiefum said...

Good luck with all your cleaning and organizing babe!;D

MissGennD said...

Thanks babe~ Let the clean up begin! =)

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