Monday, October 10, 2011

4 - MissGennD, MissGennD Where have you been?

I've been to London to visit the Queen... NOT!
Partied with old friends and had too many vodkas~
I have been MIA since mid-September due to a lot of things.
Lemme count the reasons why I've been out for almost half a month...
Now, I'm with my highschool super friends and college buddies. It was hella fun partying with friends you haven't seen for a decade! We were reminiscin' those days when we were just hanging out on our vacant schedules doin nothin at all. I miss them all! I thank God for good old friends! And thank you Smartnetphone for the bonggang party!

Good thing the Boyf agreed to go clubbing with me again. But he swore never to go clubbing again~
My friends were able to meet him at last. This was my first time to wear shoes with heels after my knee surgery last year. I can say that my knee's can tolerate a few inches i guess. So it's now time to shop for pumps, wedges, heels! I was on a shoe diet for a year and a half. Shoe shopping here I come!


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