Monday, October 17, 2011

14-MissGennD, MissGennD Where have you been?

I've been to London to visit the Queen... NOT!
I was at IL MERCANTI with my blogger friends!
I have been MIA since mid-September due to a lot of things.
Lemme count the reasons why I've been out for almost half a month...
This is another photo vomit post. I think these photos will speak for itself. Words wouldn't be enough to describe how yummy, fun, exciting, the event was. It made us gaga over 100+ of different kinds of dishes to choose from. For the first time, I had a hard time to pick what to eat for dinner. Let me share how IL MERCANTI made it not so easy for us in a nice way~

Ms. Connie Sison-Escudero is one of the organizers for this fab food bazaar. We thank you for the chance to taste the wonderful flavors IL MERCANTI has to offer. IL MERCANTI is located in the parking lot of Metrowalk, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Pasig City. It has it's own dining area and it is covered with white tents. No need to worry if it's raining hard. The place is well lit, 8-10 industrial fans roam the area, and trash cans scattered around to keep the place clean.  Parking is ample so no need to worry if you're driving to come here. Cabs are available round-a-clock. They also have busboys who makes sure every dining table is clean and in order. I've been coming back to this place for like 4X already before this bloggers event. I must say I'm addicted especially to that buttered pork! Now to the blogger's event here are the photo's I took, grabbed, and copied from bloggers present that night. First, what I got me that night:
Lechon from Cebu
Buttered Pork & plain rice 
Honey Dew Milk Tea 
Tiffie's Crispy crablets & vinegar

Angel, Kei & Me
Me, Tiffie, Angel & Kei

Me, Tiffie & Kai
After enjoying our scrumptious dinner Ms. Connie dropped by and handed us GC for our next visit~

That's it for my photo vomit post. 
Good food + Good friends = Helluva night!



sugar sugar said...

food porn overload! everything looks sooo good! :)

- - aika - - said...

yum yum :D

i got 2 pairs i'm gonna bedazzle the other pair like the one from haus of price :D

can u recommend a good glue for rhinestones? yung hindi nakaka cloud ng kinang ha

MissGennD said...

@ Sweetest Sugar- We miss you sooo much babe!

@ Aika-Thanks for dropping by I miss you!!! Have you tried silicon glue? or Glue gun? MIghty bond keri din~ I haven't tried that kind of project yet. Mighty bond ung super sticky and matibay sa lahat. A dot will make the gems stick forever~ =)

Sweethestia said...

Ang saya naman nito :(

Arvy Creencia said...

Ang sasarap naman ng food.. ginutom na naman tuloy ako.. nice blog! :)

Wonder Woman said...

Awaaaaard for you:

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

*sigh. this post is nakakagutom. i am drooling.

Thinking Out Loud

MissGennD said...

@ Jadey-Yeah double the fun if you're with awesome bloggers! Sana next time mas madami pa makasama~

@ Arvy-Thanks babe for following me. Truly appreciated~ Sarap talaga nakakaadict lang kasi ang lapit ko lang.

@ Angel-Got it babe thank you so much! Noice to see yah last MultiplyShoppingParty. See you next week~

@ Lili-I love your name babe! Speaking of nakakagutom, I just went there and got me the buttered pork sirloin, mochi ice cream, and milk tea~ Sila na ung pumalit sa Banchetto I guess... =)

Jenine said...

Yummyness! :))

Btw, please join my blog giveaway! :)

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