Wednesday, October 12, 2011

9 - MissGennD, MissGennD Where have you been?

I've been to London to visit the Queen... NOT!
Instead I was at the MEGABRANDS Sale and got me 3 shoes!
I have been MIA since mid-September due to a lot of things.
Lemme count the reasons why I've been out for almost half a month...

MEGABRANDS SALE was a super hit for me. Here are some shots I took while checking out what they have in the event at the same time. I only have my trusty mobile phone so I'm sorry for some crappy photos wasn't able to capture everything. But hey, better have something to post here than none right? =) This is a photo vomit entry. 

My OoTD: Blouse-Elle, Pants-Aeropostale
Cardingan-Surplus, Flipflops-Havaianas
Bag-Elle, Watch-Guess

EK Booth
Vibram on 30% off
Levis on 50% off as well
Dupe at 30% off 
more dupe
Shoes from Tinjaman's
ColeHaan @ 70% off
different brands of shoes 

Zoo York # 50% off
Le Donne that sells most of their shoes
at a regular price 
Le Donne's out of season shoes on sale
Crocs @ 50% off
Random store that sells tank tops
Levi's @ 50% off 
More Crocs 
Tomato vanity kits
Reebok ladies' gym bag 
Toy stall 
Travel bags

Maxi skirt and dresses
Graphic Tees
Tinjaman's Bags
Giordano shoes
I will have a different post for my haul from MEGABRANDS SALE.
Thank you so much for dropping by~


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