Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sewing Time~

Today is such an awesome day for me! I went to school and almost finish my skirt, which I will wear to our school anniversary.
I did this skirt out from scratch with no patterns or anything. Just cut everything according to my size and estimated the rest (which I am thankful for no fabric come to waste). It has a 3-inch waistband, and it's hem falls an inch above my knee. I will must finish this come Tuesday, I'm only missing a zipper at the back and the waistband of course. I love how it turned out, looks like the skirt version of the H&M blouse I posted a few weeks back (which you can change the inner tank top depends on your mood). Me and my gorgeous classmates agreed to come to school with a theme (since 3 of us are into blogging, it's something nice to share about our friends here in the blog world) so the theme would be BLACK TUESDAY~  That's all for my awesome day! 



Yna Amores said...

babe I love what you did! See you on Tuesday!

MissGennD said...

It's gonna be a black tuesday! Wooot! See you baby cakes~

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