Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cousins Forever

I've known these girls since birth, we're lucky to be cousins and had each other growing up. My childhood would never be the same without them in my daily routine. I remember me and Colleen (the girl on the right) were on the same batch. Every year we kept on hoping and praying that may God allowed us to be classmates. We would even daydream of copying notes from each other, doing assignments and projects together. Our prayers were answered on our last year in high school. Imagine we've been praying since 2nd grade! That was our best year in high school! Tina (middle girl) on the other hand transferred schools, because they had to relocate down south due to family business. Even though she's a few hours away, we would always see each other during christmas breaks, summer vacations, birthday parties and other family gatherings. 

Then came college, C went to Ateneo de Naga took up Mass Communication, M went to Assumption took up Economics, and I went to CSB and finished Industrial design. We saw each other less, C comes to MLA ever christmas, M is on semester, I'm on tri-mester so we have different schedules of breaks from school. We hardly saw each other during that 4 years in college. 

Fast forward to 2005, that was the last time we saw each other prior to last saturday. Imagine, that was almost 6 years! C is now married and has 2 kids, T is getting married this year, and I am still planning when to get married. 

It's fun to see everyone doing good and very much successful with their own careers. It's also fun to meet up once in awhile and bond and reminisce memories of your growing up years. We may not see each other everyday, monthly or even yearly, it's nice to know that we never changed. We may have took different paths, different outlooks in life, it's fun to see that the girls I've been with 25 years ago, are still the same girls that I enjoyed that night wonderful night with~

That's all for now~ Ciao!



Dana Yoshimizu said...

Family is the best! <3 It's nice to be able to grow up together!

And what movies were you watching? :)

THanks for following hun

MissGennD said...

Hey Dana~ Growing up with cousins your age is one of the best thing a girl could have aside from sisters of course!

My BF wanted to watch the Green Hornet, then we finish the Korean series Mischievous Kiss~

I love your blog! May you continue to be a blessing by inspiring us,

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