Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HAUL: H&M Black Lace Blouse

I still can't believe I was able to get my hands on this top! I was walking around the tiangge area of Greenhills and spotted this from a store named Plus Size (I know I'm on the plus size already due to my knee surgery haven't been visiting the gym for a year now). I knew it from afar that I like this top, from the metallic embellishments, to the style of the sleeves, to the fabric itself, I know I gotta have it! So then I asked if I could see if it fits me. Lo and behold, it fits me perfectly! So here's the scary part, I know plus size clothes aren't that cheap-o because 1-it eats up more fabric, 2-there's only few shops that sells plus sizes. So i asked how much the top was, the lady smiled and said Php100 po. It's like I just hit the jackpot! I was like WHAT??? Php100 for that super cute top? So, i paid right away and left the store in a flash. I was telling it to my friend and showed a picture to her, she said that's an H&M top and she has the same exact blouse. So, yep there you have it an H&M Black lace top that's worth Php100 from greenhills tiange. (I just hafta include the pink spaghetti strap so you'd have an idea on the lace details).

Do you have a hitting-the-jackpot moment in tiangge's/bazaars too? I love to hear from you! I think it's a contest between us girls to find a gem out of bazaars especially if we know the real worth of it like this one.



- - aika - - said...

thanks for following my blogs :D followed u back :)

MissGennD said...

Thanks Aika~ I really really love your DIYs! And I can see you love to shop! I envy you~ I wish I could shop that much too! =)

bee. said...

I followed your blog, too!

Anyways, cool find! I'm glad you got an amazing blouse for cheap!


MissGennD said...

Thanks Bee~ Yeah there's so much you can find from bazaars especially greenhills they have the best line of overruns.

Thanks for following back.

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