Friday, June 3, 2011

Mini Haul

Mini haul:

Ever Bilena Advance E/S
Php120 each
-I love how vibrant the colors are.

Ever Bilena Face Powder Foundation Refill
Php 145
-I've read so much good reviews on this one I want to try it too.

Bichun E/S
Php 39 each
-very pigmented just wanna try it as well.

Careline Blush
Php 80 each
-heard so many raves about this one so lemme try it too.

Careline Lip Gloss
Php 60 each
-This one I really need to check out for myself. I've not read a single negative review on this one. Looks promising to me.

Careline Lip Gloss
This product is only available in Robinson's Department Stores only. If you have trouble finding them at your local malls, lemme know and I can purchase them for you, just shoulder the shipping costs.

Since I'm just newly practicing on how to put on make-up, I don't wanna splurge on buying those high-end ones and ending up not using them coz I don't know the proper way to put them on. So here I am trying out inexpensive make-ups and see if I could use them as my learning tools. Will post a review on them soon~

Thats's all for now~


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