Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sup MissGennD?

I have been very busy with a lot of stuff lately. And when I mean a lot it means a L-O-T. Since I'm having renovations right now my whole flat is a mess. A complete mess! Everything is boxed up to my ceiling so they can be saved from dusts, paints and damages. So while my whole stash is nowhere to be found, I cannot do any reviews or FOTDs, NOTDs, OOTDs, basically I cannot do anything unless you want a review on Ace Hardware stuff like, paint rollers, cement putty, wood putty, sandpapers, and other construction materials needed to beautify your houses. And finally, just today around 6pm my construction is over! (Thank God for this blessing!) I have been merely nearing my depression mode because it has been that long already. Anyhoo, may I present to you my new kitchen and mini bar... (this is not the finish look yet because there's a lot of painting and cornice installation to follow soon)
What happened here is, half of the wall that divides my kitchen and dinning room was brought down and was turned into a mini bar. Then new ceiling was created, kitchen counter was replaced by a higher one, new sink was installed, and everything was retiled. I picked that black tiles so it can match my dinning set and furnitures (since I am a fan of mahogany wood, most of my furnitures are black except for my bed which is white). The mini bar/counter have this shiny black granite on top which makes it super chic. I love how it turned out. I planned everything here (since I'm an industrial Designer I put what I've learned into good use by redesigning my flat).

heartbreaking pink m&m's.
I was munching this one the other day. Sadly I was really having a hard time eating them. They are so pretty! Which reminded me that I still have pink kisses sitting in my fridge (which I know I will have a hard time unwrapping them). These were sent by my sister she knows I love anything pink.

This one is from the boyf. He knows I am new in this blogging world and he supports me big time. He would suggest stuff that I should blog or reminds me to take pictures of things worth blogging. He's the perfect guy you'd love to bring home to mom & dad. Babe thank you so much for my blog signature! 

here's a photo of the guy I can't live without!
So yeah that's what's up with me. I hope I didn't get you bored with those construction stuff. I am so ready to do my thingy soon! (hauls, reviews, make-ups/nails/face/outfits of the day watch out for it)



Janinay said...

First point, I love what you did to your abode.

Second, I want those m&m's.

Third, I wanna have a loving supportive BF too! Waaaah.

Sannie said...

you should paint you flat PINK. :)

kimyunalesca said...

Awesome! btw great logo ^_~

MissGennD said...

-1st-thanks for liking the new kitchen, took me almost 3 weeks to finish that.
-2nd-I'll send you some as soon as my sister gets home
-3rd-You just hafta wait dear~ <3

@Sannie-I wish i can transform this flat to a barbie house.

@Kim-thanks B~ Hihihi!

Gayle said...

Well arent you Little Miss DIY :)
Want. pink. M&Ms.


sugar sugar said...

i want pink m&m's!!! can i get those locally? i'm sooo inggit hahaha!

MissGennD said...

@ Gayle- I'm a lil bit of everything hihihi~ Pink m&m's FTW! =) Thanks for dropping by babe~

@ Sugar- I don' know if it's available locally, it's heartbreaking eating them. =))

Diane said...

haha where did you get those pink m&m's? haha
cuteee.. me wants to keep it tehe =)

I like your signature logo! and i like your BF for you!

you're so sweet, he is lucky to have you!

MissGennD said...

@ Ms. D- my sister sent it to me. I think I had 5 bags of it and now it's down to 1. Hihihi~

Boyf looks like Chuck Bass (that's how I see him~) LOLS! I am lucky to have him as well. <3

Thanks for dropping by. Can't wait to have my normal life back. (after the friggin renovation)

Christine said...

I want the m&ms! :(( :D ., so cute!! and your blog signature! I'm jealous!! I suck in layouting and editing!! :(( I want to prettify my blogsite!! but I can't haha :))

MissGennD said...

Hi Christine~
Thank you so much for dropping by~ Yeah the m&m's are way too cute, it took me a week to decide if imma eat them already. LOLS! Your site is pretty as it is (i've been visiting it since). Love it actually~

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