Saturday, August 27, 2011

Imaginarium-FIP Graduation Fashion Show @ GB5

Last Thursday night Fashion Institute of the Philippines held their graduation fashion show at Greenbelt 5. There were 30 emerging fashion designers that showcased their garments on the runway. My class was dismissed earlier so we can prepare and attend the show. Some of the judges were Tim Yap, Divine Lee, Mama Rene, Daryl Chang, Andre Chang, and I wasn't able to get the rest of the judge's names. The grand prize winner would get an all expense paid travel to Paris! (Congrats Seph Bagasao for bagging the Designer of the Year 2011 Graduation show). I am looking forward to next year for I think I'll be included on the next batch graduating. 

We were there at exactly 6pm but all seats were already taken, and the event was jam packed. Like people couldn't pass anymore and had to make a detour inside the mall to be able to go out on the other side. Due to my knee surgery last year, my knee couldn't bear me standing or walking for hours. I need to rest every now and then (that explains why I'm sitting on these photo's I'm posting). I just wanna share what I wore to the event. It's nothing fancy, just my regular skinny jeans and a sequined blouse.
          • Stretched tulle blouse embellished with sequins
          • F21 gray tank top
          • Zara skinny jeans in dark denim
          • Flat leather boots
          • Zara gray shoulder bag
          • Rings from Aldo, H&M, F21 & GH
With my close friend and classmate Heijn
Me and my good friend Kim~
Our rings for the night
After the event we were so hungry despite the fact that we are getting finger foods, and wine from the waiters roaming around. We decided to get our Margarita, Pizza & Pasta at Capricciosa.
Enjoying our frozen Margaritas~
After having our dinner, we had to transfer elsewhere because they were cleaning out the place @ 10pm. We forgot it was a Thursday night not Saturday and usually restaurants and malls closes early on weekdays. So we transferred to CBTL and here are some of our camwhoring shots.

A few minutes before the show ended I send an SMS to my classmate telling her that I'm already in the event. Then I got a reply from Gellie of So Gelleesh telling me I sent my message to her instead of my friend. Then we found out that we are both in the same area. She's in GB4 and I'm in GB5. And we agreed to meet right away! Wooohooo! Finally I was able to meet Gellie accidentally. Here's a picture grabbed from Gellie (sorry Gellie I had to crop my muffin top LOLS! And the flash always ruins my photos making me look like espaface-espasol inspired face).

That's all for my thursday night. 
A strong typhoon is on it's way to Manila this long weekend. 
Stay safe everyone!



Anonymous said...

Parang destined talaga kayong magkita thus the "wrong send". :D ♥

Gellie Abogado said...

@Genn - Yey! It was a good accidental wrong send. Hehe :)

@Janinay - Oo nga. Hehe. Nung nagkita kami parang tagal na kaming magkakilala kung magkachikahan. Haha! :P

Genn said...

At bonggang may lolo na umaaligid kay Gellie... Napansin ko si kuya 3 beses dumaan! hahahaa!

sugar sugar said...

awwww so cute! :3 you girls were meant to meet. ;)

love the pictures you have with your friends. :)

Genn said...

Thanks Sugar~ My knee was acting up from standing for almost 4 hours so I had to sit down once in awhile.

Czarina said...

Omgg I want all those rings!.
While your at ut;; gimme your boots too.<3(x

Genn said...

@ Czarina-I am collecting rings, and earrings. For sure you'll find a better pair of boots there babe~ Thanks for dropping by.

Amanderrific! said...

love the rinnggss!

Genn said...

@ Amanda-thanks babe~ =) Will post more accessories soon~

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