Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7 Days Late: Happy 42nd to Us!

This is how crazy we are. 
We love making faces in front of the camera. 
We are each other's missing puzzle piece.
We are committed to make the world a better place.
We understand each other's weirdness.
We are a blessing to each other.
We love our simple lives.
We fear God.

This is how we are simple, fun and inlurve~
Happy 42nd Babe!



Anonymous said...

Wah ang sweet! ♥♥♥ Makes me wanna fall in love na rin. :D

Pammy said...

So sweet! Happy 42nd to you guys! You make such a cute couple. :)

MissGennD said...

@ Janinay-He's the sweetest! My mini Chuck Bass! LOLS!

@ Pammy-Thank you so much! I'm the luckiest girl in the world coz I am with him~

Nicole said...

My lovey is camera-shy. I wish I can make him be wacky in our shots. Happy 42nd to both of you! Stay in-love and happy! <3

MissGennD said...

@ Nicole-Bribe him with his favorite drink of chips I bet he would pose for you. It took me 30 minutes before he agreed to do that with me. Thanks soo much~ =)

Czarina said...

Awwwhs soo cute love.(:
Happy for you!.(:
&& Happy 42nd to you guys!.

MissGennD said...

@ Czarina-Thanks Babe~

Inside Star's Heart said...

awwee~ so sweet and cute! happy 42nd to you guys!!

MissGennD said...

@ Isha-Thanks dear~

Jackie said...

adorable! happy 42nd!

sugar sugar said...

more 42nds to come! :)

this is such a sweet post genn! =)

Genn said...

@ Jackie~ Thanks dear~ =)

@ Sweetest Sugar-He's a sweetheart. I can't imagine my life without him in it. =)

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