Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chili Tuna Ceasar Salad

Hello Tarties!
Now this one is too easy to prepare. No cooking needed. Just a few slices and a can opener you're good to go!
Chili Tuna Caesar Salad

Romaine Lettuce

Sliced white onions
Century Tuna Chili Corned Tuna

Dizon's Ceasar Salad Dressing

Salt & Pepper

Parmesan Cheese

How to prepare:
1. Rinse Romaine leaves well and cut them into 3 parts.
2. Arrange them in a bowl.
3. Optional: add some white onions.
4. Generously pour the caesar salad dressing over the leaves.
5. Open the can of Chili Corned Tuna and spread them over the leaves.
6. Add desired amount of parmesan cheese.
7. Sprinkle salt & pepper to taste.

Easy, healthy and super yummy!
Nom, nom, nom! I can eat this for a whole month and I won't complain~



cominica said...

thanks for sharing this recipe! look so yummy and freshh <3 :D

MissGennD said...

And soo easy to prepare! Glad you like it~

Nicole said...

nagutom naman ako sa mga posts mo sis. parang gusto ko tuloy gumawa nung mojos. hihi. i'm gonna try this salad too :)

MissGennD said...

@ Nicole-Ako din after nung mojos post ko nagutom din ako hihihi~ Ung mojos madali lang pala akala ko mahirap ung sa shakeys... Tip mas masarap sha kung mejo may thickness sha ng konti kesa ung potato chips thin kasi titigas... I recommend ung dip ng Dizon sakto lang hinde maasim...

Morbidfrank said...

I wanna try this! My dad loves salad lalo na yung lettuce! Thanks for sharing this recipe! :)

MissGennD said...

@ Morbidfrank-It's yummy, healthy and easy to prepare dear. Your Dad will love it for sure~ Thanks for dropping by.

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