Friday, September 2, 2011

My 1st OOTD

Sup Tarties~
Please bear with me, this is my first entry on doin an OOTD post. Considering that I have been blogging for months now, plus the fact that I'm in fashion school, I know it's not acceptable that this is my FIRST OOTD. Well, it's better late than never right? So, last Monday was my first Bloggers meet and this weekend would be the 2nd and more meets to come (I hope!). This is that I wore last monday @ the Beauty/Fashion Blogger meet in Trinoma.

Gray Draped detailed Dress - New York & Company
Black Hoodie - Hurley
Gray Gucci inspired purse - St. Francis Square
Silver spiked studded sandals - VNC (not shown)
Tassle Earrings - Made by yours truly (please contact me if you'd like to get a pair)
Rings - F21, SM & Aldo (scroll down some more to see them)
Another shot so you can see the details of my purse.
That was taken @ the Landmark, while we are doing our shopping Gellie of So Gelleesh managed to take our group OOTD for us and I just cropped myself so I can present my OOTD here in my blog. =) My hair is neatly pulled back so no hair would irritate my face. I am currently in the process of healing my forehead because I had a bad breakout last August due to so much stress. And that's the reason why I don't have updated posts that shows my face in it. I am having just plain water therapy right now. It means I am not putting any chemicals on my face no soap, toner, moisturizer, or sunscreen at all. For until my face clears from those dark marks left by those little bastards.
Rings for that day.
And here's the loot I got from our mini exchange gift and Kai of Brew of the Day. A complete beauty regimen (Kojic Soap, Moisturizer, Lightening cream for dark marks and Vitress for my hair). I really need that cream powder that lightens dark marks. Thank you so much Kai!!!

I'll try to post more OOTD's from now on, especially if I am wearing my creations. Since I'm in fashion school, you may ask me anything related to fashion, pattern making, styling, embellishments, questions and I will try my best to answer them to my utmost knowledge. Or If you wanna share any tips, feel free to drop me a line of two. A separate post for Lory's hair deep moisturizer & my mini Haul  in Trinoma.

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope to meet all of you too! Join us @ the Phil-Cosmetics Event this Saturday @ SM Megatrade Hall 1, Megamall!



sugar sugar said...

i love your dress! <3

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! I wish I had the guts to wear them in public. :P

Aya said...

Me likey the flower ring!!

Gellie Abogado said...

Bongga Genn! Super love the outfit plus your accessories! :D

- - aika - - said...

omg lovely :D

this is so flattering love the accessories :D

Anonymous said...

love your maxi dress and the rings! yay! hope to see you sometime! taker hun!

Mar said...

You look Fab, Love! I hope to see you guys really really soon! nice loot you got! Its very very essential..

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Shang J. said...

You look great. I love your rings. New follower. Do check out my blog. I am having an awesome giveaway. :)

swexie said...

well, i hope to meet all of you, too. i was in manila the past *long* weekend but i left my laptop here at home so i was disconnected from the internet. it would have been nice to meet fellow bloggers from other parts of pinas. =)

Helen said...

I love your dress! I wish I can wear maxi dresses too, but I'm so small! Hehe :D

Genn said...

OMG! You ladies made me teary eyed~ I am now down with a flu and all your comments are enough to make me get well.

I am considered a plus size for asian sizes, and I'm a regular M/L to European, US sizes. It's so hard to find clothes that will flatter my body type and that's the reason why I went to fashion school.

@ Sugar - Thanks babe~

@ Janinay - you should try it, it's so girly and breezy! LOLS~

@ Aya - Thank you dear~

@ Gellie - I love your outfit that day too!

@ Aika - Thanks dahling! I am still waiting for more DIYs from you. YOU'RE SO FAB!

@ Diane - Thank you sweetheart! We would like to meet u too! And Justine pra may playmate si Sofi~

@ Mar - Thanks sweetie! Plump & Proud! Yup, got it from Kai~

@ Shang - Thank you so much for following. I will sure check out yous and join your giveaway!

@ Swexie - Awwwww~ Next time we can schedule ahead para we can all meet up! Its super fun. Parang college friends na lahat kayo pare pareho ang gusto make-up, clothes, shoes & bags~ Never ending kudaan~

@ Helen - Thank you so much for liking hun~ Pde naman you can give it a try.

Thank you so much for all of your comments and support!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Beautiful maxi dress, girly! I love it :) You look so pretty! And how awesome is it that you're in fashion school! :D

Genn said...

Hi Babe!
Thank you so much for dropping me a comment. =) I've been into fashion ever since, but Fashion school made me understand more about my body type and what would look good on me since I'm a plus size. It's an ongoing hit or miss for me still. I always stick to classic pieces.

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