Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 2: 4th Phil-Cosmetics Expo

Hello Tarties~ 
I decided to go back the next day because I have this feeling that there might be a bigger discount on most of the products from the expo since it's their last day. My hunch was right I was able to purchase a lot of goodies on super discounted price. I am suppose to meet Gellie, Isha and Kingking. When I got there Gellie was on her way home, and I wasn't able to get Isha's number. I was trying to contact Kingking and i can't seem to reach her through her cellphone. So I thought I'll roam the expo alone...

1st Stop: Lory's
They are selling the small tub for Php100 (which are normally priced at Php185 in Watson's & SM dept store, and Php149 at the Landmark & Php189 in Rustan's). I asked the SA to reserve me the Snake oil, Shea Butter & Sun Nutri-Gloss and I'll just come back for it afterwards. I don't wanna carry 3 heavy tubs of hair treatment while trying out makeups from other booths. When I came back for it, it's all gone! I mean not all their products but those items I asked them to reserve for me. But their lovely manager offered to deliver it to my place since I live near their home office. Plus points for Lory's~

DT's wide range of NYX Round lipsticks.
2nd Stop: Digital Traincase
As usual it's has the most visitors compared to other booths. Due to their wide range of NYX cosmetics and other imported cosmetics. So while I was there checking out which shade of lipstick to pick I saw their vanity mirror, since I'm alone I tried taking a picture of myself from the mirror. Then I saw a familiar face behind me. I was hesitant to approach her at first, I made sure that she's who I think she is. I doubled check her eyes and finally got the courage to ask. It's Kingking!!! She's one of the first blogger I get to know through reading her posts and commenting on them. She has the smoothest, fairest skin I ever saw! She has this super smiling face you'll feel absolutely comfortable with her. We had the whole afternoon to bond and get to know each other more. So the first thing we did as beauty bloggers is to check out DT's booth together. Here's some of my shots:

NYX Nail Polish

3rd Stop: Ever Bilena
And they were on 50% discount! The day before they were only on 25% off. From Careline products to EB Advance all of their items were on a whopping 50% off! That was one of the best deals to the point that most of their lipsticks were OOS when I got there. 

4th Stop: Garnier
They were on 50% off too. They had this promo of buy 1 take 1 plus if you purchase Php300 worth products you'll get a free make-up kit.  I love their moisturizer and I don't break out on them. You know what happened next. Caved in and purchased something from these pretty ladies. They are too nice that they even included a box of moisturizers in sachets to my goody bag.

5th Stop: Snack Bar
We got a bit hungry roaming around and squeezing in to get a better look on the products being sold in each booth. So we had some takoyaki and black gulaman for our afternoon snacks.

6th Stop: Chic & Bobbie Nail Polish
I just passed by their booth and I didn't noticed that the have a new set of polishes. No SA's, no ads about it. And when I asked about the price of their polishes the lady who was manning the booth just told me they're on 20% discount. Didn't even bothered introducing their new line to me. It was just through Aya's post I found out about their new line. So I just snapped a picture of their polishes.

See those glittery like polishes? Right after the white ones?
Those were their new line somewhat like NYX's polishes with jumbo glitters.
7th Stop: SM Department Store
After the roaming around the EXPO King and I decided to head to SM department store to check out the new Premium Marionnaud brushes. We purchased a few stuff and her boyf joined us after a few minutes. We were suppose to eat at BonChon but merely looking at the line is already a pain. Then my Boyf decided to have dinner at Misato in Metrowalk. I bid King and the her boyf goodbye and promised to meet again once she's around the area. 
Kingking and the feather earring she purchased from me.
Kingking and her super nice boyf.
Me and Kingking infront of BonChon bidding each other see you laters~
Spending the afternoon with Kingking is soo much fun! It's like I'm shopping with my sister. We shared tips, secrets, ask each other's opinions on things and make-ups. We even had this heart to heart talk where we shared some life changing experiences we had. It felt like I've known her since my high school days. We have a lot of things in common and make-ups is one of then. We also realized that we fall under the same clothing size. We even have the same blouse (the gray stretched tulle I wore in FIP Grad show in GB5). I hope to hang out with her again! Thanks Kingking for spending that afternoon with me. Hope to see you again soon!

Purchases from the expo will be done in another post.
Thank you so much for dropping by~



sugar sugar said...

looks like you had fun and you got a great deal on lory's as well dear. :)

Morbidfrank said...

Sayang di ako nakapunta. Parang ang dami ko na gusto bilhin lalo na yung mga items ni SOL of DT. :( Sana meron pa ulit this year. ^__^ Thanks for sharing Genn!

aringkingking said...

Hello! angtaba ko sa picture! hehe

Helen said...

I had fun reading your post! Nice deals yung nakuha mo sa expo. I should have approached the Garnier booth! Sayang 50% off. :D

Gellie Abogado said...

hope to see you all soon girls! :)

Genn said...

@ Sweetest Sugar-Yup super good deal on Lory's. Super nice pa the manager she's the one who offered to deliver the tubs in my home. =)

@ Maggie-Sol is goin to be back at the end of this month for the MEGABRANDS sale in megatrade halls 2&3 let's meet up babe!

@King-achieve na achieve ang flawless skin mo teh! I swear wla akong makitang pores sa fezlak mey! =)

@Helen-Sana nagmeet din tyo. Ung post ko parang mega kwento lang. Infair may sakit pa ako that time (until now) hihihi~

@Gelliebabe-See you soon babe! IMY!

Sweethestia said...

Bumili din ako ng Lory's. Super mura! Genn sana ma meet na talag kita ng bonggang bonga!

Genn said...

@ Jadey-Ako din wishing to meet you to the bonggels! Hiihihi! Feeling ko tatawa tyo ng madami parang ganon lang sa mga tawa ko sa Zombadings! Hihihihi!

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