Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Layout: Getting Ready for Christmas!

Hello Tarties!
It's the BER months already and it's drizzling while I am doing this post, perfect for a hot cup of choco with marshmallows~ I'll fix me one, once I'm done with this quick post. Once BER months hits, you know it's just a few blinks away until Christmas. To start my mood right, here are the layouts I picked and obviously you know which one I chose. I easily get bored with just one design, so I commit myself into changing my layout according to my mood on a monthly basis. So for this month my layout is called "Getting Ready for Christmas". These are my choices for the month of September:
Too dark for me, plus I hate adjusting widths.
I love the colors but still would cause me more hassle in adjusting the widths.
Too pink? LOLS~
I love this layout but blogger and my net acted up on me got lazy editing it.
This one is just right for my mood the slanted strips in pink & white imitated the candy cane look.
The details on the fabric flowers are so cute.
Feels a bit like christmas but not not really shouts christmas yet~

So that's it for my September layout. I hope I'd get inspired by it and write more posts. Now time to get myself that hot choco with marshies~ What's your perfect drizzling afternoon fix? Thanks for dropping by.



Janinay said...

I love your new layout!!! <3
MissGennD really loves colors! :D

Genn said...

Janinay-I can't live in a sepia world. I'd prolly paint it the moment I step in. Hihihi! Thanks for dropping by dear. IMY!

Diane said...

wowoooo i love your new lay-out! super super like..
where do you get and edit your signature sis?
i like din yung emblem yung small icon above the tab near the blog name--
idk, what you call it sakin kse B-Blogger. where i can change that? thanks in advance!

Genn said...

Thank you Ms. D~
The signature was from the boyf he made it for me. Then ung parang Icon sa Layout design ng blogger ung favicon sa upper left corner above the gadget for your blog name. You can find tons of favicons online for free. I hope I answered all your inquiries. IMY babe! <3

Hollie said...

so totally diggin the new layout!

Genn said...

Thanks Holliebabe~ <3

Fashion CouSense said...

love the new layout! =)

Diane said...

oksie, i'll try that hun! thank you mmuaah muah muaah!

Genn said...

@ Fashion CouSense-Thanks dahling!

@ Diane-Just text/tweet me if you if have questions pa. Kiss Kiss~ IMY!

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