Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 1: 4th Phil-Cosmetics Expo

Hello Tarties~ 
Last week, (I know this is super dooper late post, sorry I got sick that's why...) I visited the 4th Phil-Cosmetics Expo at Megatrade Hall 1 and decided to meet up with my fellow bloggerfriends Kai, Tiffie, & Gie.
Gellie was suppose to meet us there but decided to go the next day Sunday. I saw Tiffie first (she honestly looks like a doll! Super cutiepie!) and decided to wait for the others near the entrance. Gie with the ever so flawless skin and pretty face came with her pretty fashionista-animalprint-addict BFF Kellie. We got bored and decided to roam around and check out what's in there. It feels like there's a magnet @ Digital Traincase's booth because it was the busiest that time all the time! While checking out the stuff someone mentioned my name and there was Kai wearing this beautiful red and purple ensemble. There was a pageant goin on when we decided to eat and rest for awhile. So there was me, Tiffie and Kai eating our Hungarian Sausages and sodas. Gie & Kellie decided to check out the pagaent. We ate and chitchat for I dunno how long... until we realized they are already closing their booths and we decided to make it a day for us. Here are some photos I grabbed from Kai & Tiffie and some from my camera:
Pretty Kai
Loves her EOTD!
Kellie addicted to Statios like me and Kai
makeupless me, Pretty Kai & Gorgeous Gie
Kai modeling my earrings and Gie's wearing her feather earring.
Me with just moisturized face, Kai and her pretty face & dollfaced Tiffie! She looks like a doll I swear!
Dolly Tiffie, sickling me & Kai
Me checkin out Dollface Cosmetics
My ring for the day.
Here are the links of my bloggerfriends. Pay them a visit anytime. They are super noice!

Stay tuned for Day 2!



Gellie Abogado said...

love the fishy ring!! :D

Genn said...

That's from the boyf. He supports my kaartehan! Hihihi!

Anonymous said...

MISS THIS!!genn!!thank u sa complmnts???haha BONGGA!!haha nkktuwa kaw pa naubusan ng lory's!!see u VERY VERY SOON!!

Genn said...

@ Gie-Korak ako pa ang naubusan eh todo ang pagpromote ko sa kanya~ Anyhoo i got me 5 tubs na it's all good! Bumawi dineliver sa unit ko hhihih! IMY babe!

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