Monday, May 23, 2011

FOOD: Banana Leaf Experience

We were looking for Penang Hill (I love their Thai Beef Salad, and malaysian Wraps) @ the Promenade, GH  but sadly the moved out (or closed down I don't know the real deal behind that). So we tried out Banana Leaf since they also offer Thai Cuisine.
My bf and I aren't really that hungry and not sure if we are going to like their food so we just ordered enough for both of us. We like the interior decorations of this restaurant. It's very simple and neat. Both walls have designs wood carvings on the right side and a paper like landscape design with good lightings at the back of it on the left. You are expected to eat on a banana leaf instead of a plate.

Pad Thai Php168.00
I love their version of Pad Thai it's somewhat sweet with lots of greens.

Chicken Curry Php240.00
Before we ordered this curry our server asked us if we wanted it spicy or not too spicy. Their not too spicy was too spicy for us. So we kept on drinking our water and iced teas while eating it. But we liked their version of curry we just have to request to lessen the spices next time. 

Their iced tea needs more powder in it. I mean literally they should add more flavor to that drink so you could taste something out of it. I thought I ordered for an iced tea but what I got was an iced cold water with a hint of tea. I forgot to take a picture of that one, but I had my glass replaced 2x because it didn't satisfy me. They replaced it at once with a better tasting iced tea, but when I requested for a refill they served the less flavored drink again. Next time I'll just get the regular soda I guess. 
Price: Iced Tea with no flavor -Php 68; Soda-Php45

They don't have much variety of desserts to offer so we just try to finish the food that we ordered. The servings are good for 2-3 persons depends on how big your appetite is. We weren't able to finish everything so I had to bring home the rest of it.

Rating for this experience would be:

2 out of 5


Restaurant: Banana Leaf, Greenhills

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