Monday, January 2, 2012

Review: Island Basics' Room & Linen Spray

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I love fresh sheets! Who wouldn't right? Those sweet scent of fabric conditioner, and soft, smooth silky feel of it makes me wanna crawl back to bed whenever I'm changing my sheets! I've been a fan of these kinds of spray ever since I was able to have my own place. I change my sheets every 2 weeks and honestly the scent of my fabric conditioner doesn't last that long. So what's the best way to freshen up our bed, sofa and curtains in a flash? The best solution I've got is linen sprays! It's like your linen's cologne.

Now, let me introduce you to this wonderful company called Island Basics that provides all natural bath, body, home and baby care products. They intend to create a soothing and calming feel in your rooms and homes and improve your well-being by providing you with natural alternatives in reasonable prices. Their products are locally made in the Philippines and whenever possible, their ingredients are also sourced locally. 

Whenever you buy from them you not only get their world class products, you also provide jobs and education to Filipinos. They support some groups like Green Earth, World Vision and KMBI. You can check out their website for more information:

KMBI is a non-profit organization, since 1986, it has been helping poor Filipino women micro-entrepreneurs to have access to loans, insurance and capital build-up. From serving 37 clients, it now serves 257,000 women all over the country with it's 71 branches and 1,300 staff.

In the heart of its micro-finance operations is the compassion to serve and facilitate transformation beginning with these women. KMBI puts a premium on values formation, capacity building and women empowerment. For more information click on the link below:

Thank you to Gellie of So Gellesh, & Marga of KMBI for introducing me to Island Basics products. And the first product I get to review is their linen spray.

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Room & Linen Spray in Pink Pomelo & Ginger
The cool and refreshing scent of pink pomelo laced with the spiciness of fresh ginger.
    • Label - very simple and classy.
    • Ingredients - all natural with no preservatives at all!
    • Packaging - comes in a clear spray bottle with cover to protect it's nozzle from dusts.
    • Scent - it has this cool, sweet, refreshing scent and has a hint of ginger. It's calming and relaxing scent will just spread all over your room.
    • Color - it's yellowish hue is safe to use on curtains and beddings. Doesn't stain at all.
    • Comes in different scents that you can choose from:
      • Available in 100ml for Php140
        • Lavander
        • Eucalyptus
        • Sunflower Grapes
        • Fresh Bamboo
        • Lemon & Olive
      • Available in 150ml for Php 200
        • Green Tea & Patchouli
        • Pink Pomelo & Ginger
        • Basil & Bergamot
    • Availability - you can purchase them through their online shop at multiply site. And they also joins bazaars every now and then. Check out their site for more information.
    • I just wish the scent last a bit longer on my linens, aside from that there's nothing to rant about it this great product.
    • I would highly recommend this product to those who'd like to have their rooms smell fresh and clean every time.
    • With it's price and size it's a steal! I did my product research and most linen sprays costs Php 400+ at the same size.
    • How much do I like it?
      4.5 hearts out of 5

Wait there's more!

With a growing awareness to battle climate change and need to educate more people on the impact of human consumption, Island Basics and KMBI partners to help the environment.

From November 2011 until January 2012, Island Basics will be giving away one peso per item sold to the "Piso para sa KMBI" project. This donation will help KMBI fund envrionmental initiatives already started by KMBI members.


Mar said...

Sounds like a great product Ms. Genn, I'll definitely take a look at Island Basics soon, and I just love great smelling linens! ;)
Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

Wow! this seems pretty interesting..Will check this out too! I would love my blanket to smell lavender just so I could me more relax...=)

unsugarcoatedreviews said...

I haven't tried using linen sprays since I'm allergic to strong scents, but I might give this one a shot :D

Schubert Malbas said...

wow, it's more affordable than many linen sprays in the market.

Kalabasa K. Kamote said...

I would love the smell of pink pomelo and ginger in my blanket.

Mai_Flores said...

Uh-oh! I might not be able to get out off my bed if I used these scents on my bed! hahaha!

Itsberyllicious said...

first time to hear about this one here :) I got some linen sprays at saizen before for just P85 but they got limited scents.. I think P140 for a bottle of Island Basics is reasonable enough :)

Sumi Go said...

I've never tried any linen sprays yet! XD Maybe I should really consider trying this one.. ^^

Emiatsarona said...

First time hearing about linen spray :)

Edmaration said...

Poor me, I don't use any linen spray, but this seems to be a great idea :)

earlie said...

Nice products...i think my wife would love the POMELO and GINGER one because she likes the smell of pomelo..

tauyanm said...

its sounds very promising since their natural! xx

Lorenzo Caballes said...

Can this be for men's room too?

Gigi Celemin-Beleno said...

Yeah! their price is really affordable. I think I wanna try this one.

AJ said...

I can't imagine lying on sheets that smell like ginger. Worth a try, I guess.

Yuuki said...

i'm fine with fabric softener, but might try one of these...

Mavin Reyes said...

i could use one of these when i move to manila for work. :)

april said...

will buy one kapag may trabaho na ako haha

Noria P. Adam-Lim said...

It's good that it's organic. I guess it's not heavily concentrated if the scent does not last long. I remember we distill essential oils in College and the room smelled orange (because we were extracting orange essence) for days! :)

tess said...

lying on a fresh sheet makes you sleep well but with asthmatic person like me .this scented sheets are not good.

mark pogi said...

Seems pretty much interesting. Going to bed with something nice and soothing to smell makes me slept a lot faster and longer. ^_^

athena said...

it's quite affordable and the packaging is really nice too.
it's nice that there are different scents available :)

ralph said...

basta all natural product, maganda... i'll tell my wife about it. thanks. Yahweh bless.

Gemma| My Dailies said...

I would like to buy! Are they exporting their products already?

Lily said...

smells like fresh air here :)

marrimye said...

I checked out their multiply site as well.
Bookmarked for future reference.
Thanks for sharing... I'll be needing this
in the near future.

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