Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year of Hopes and Dreams!

Hello dahlin' Tarties!
I hope everyone's having a blast at this first day of the year! I'm wishing you good health, good life and more blessings to come this 2012! New year for me is a big reminder that I still have a chance to make things better in my life. While writing down my 2012 resolutions, I can't help but to thank God for giving me another year to be happy and enjoy this wonderful gift of life he has given me.

First things first, I changed my blog title. I don't think "My Little Corner" is enough for my "PLUS SIZE LOVE" of beautiful things in life. I have been contemplating on this new blog title, even before the year ended. I think this is the perfect title for me and my love for everything grand and bonggacious! I will be focusing on how to love and appreciate what I have, yes, a plus size body that is. I'll try my best to feature my favorite outfits, makeup looks & reviews, hairstyles, latest hauls, best finds, and share tips & tricks on anything I think is worth of your time.

I am excited to let you know that I'll be sharing my "Project 130lbs". I'll be back to the gym, working out & aero-dance classes here I come! I just hope my trainer misses me that much  help to me go back to my 130lb self. Another reason why I wanted to lose some weight is because of my right knee, I just have to make it stronger. I know it sounds weird because of what I wrote aboove about being a plus size love, I'll still be plus size at 130lbs. Trust me I have never been that regular Filipina petite size ever, I just wanna be fit and healthy. Of course I'll be sharing my workout outfits too! Wish me luck! Tons of it!

SCHOOL. Yes, I'm still in school and is looking forward to graduate soon. I still have to master sewing my own garments. I will share my latest projects (I hope to finish one garment a week), fashion forecasts, latest fashion craze and trends, what's in and out, and how I translate it in plus size body. I'll be posting sketches, fabrics, school stuff and events that I'll be joining. I hope not to bore you with my rants and raves about school.

These are the 3 top things I plan to concentrate on this year. I am hoping that I can keep up and live up to may plans and dreams this 2012. What are your major resolutions that you promised to accomplish no matter what? I'd love to know them and get to know you too!



Photoescape said...

Great post! can't wait for your creations! :) Have a fabulous 2012 Ms. Gen! :)

Mar said...

I wish you all the best Ms. Genn, you can make it happen, let's take on 2012! Looking forward to your updates and can't wait to see more of your creative and beautiful creations as well! It was great to have blogged and met you all - Happy New Year! Cheers!

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