Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November's Background

Hello Tarties~
I told you I'll sneak out from my uber busy sched and atleast post something here in my little corner. I miss blogging so much, to the point of taking pictures of stuff I'm doing and dreaming of posting them soon.
Anyhoo, here's my monthly tradition of changing my background into something I fancy. I'm sorry I had no time to try a few designs, instead I picked one that best suits the highlight of this month for me (which I will reveal soon). I have been cleaning like Cinderella here in my flat, because, my dear sister, that I haven't seen for 10 years, is coming home to visit me! Well, I was suppose to go visit her but INS screwed up my papers and gave me a wrong schedule. It's all good, I'm over it now. My only sister in the whole wide world is staying with me for a whole month ++ to celebrate Christmas! I am soo super excited! That explains much why I'll be missing in action come December. =(  But don't worry, I'll be hosting a giveaway soon with 2 winners, which will run for the whole month of December. I miss you all so much! I miss commenting on your comments, I miss blog-walking, I miss blogging =( This is just a quick post. Just like you all to know that I am missing you~ <3


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