Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's Keepin' Me Busy?

Hello Darlin' Tarties!
How's everyone doin? I've been busy and enjoying most part of it. Let these photos take you to how fun and busy my life has been after my summer break.  I've been photo blogging through IG coz it's the fastest and easiest way for me to update friends & family regarding my whereabouts. You can find me on Twitter & InstaGram under @MissGennD as my username. Don't be afraid to follow me I don't bite nor will flood your feed. Hope to see you there!

My first day look in school~

Goofin' around with my classmates. =)

The necklace I made for the giveaway collaboration with Ninay~
Please visit her blog if you want to win this fab, one of a kind piece.
Click here to join: Nin Monster in Manila

I've been playing with my new e/s palette from a friend.

Smokey Blue look~

Before & After tag in IG

My favorite look!
Smokey + Hot pink lippie = LOVE

BB Creams leave me shinning and shimmering.

Lovin this P99 lipstick!

Bumped into Gie while doing my errands~
Click here to visit my good friend's blog:

Bumped into ShopGirl Jen at the grocery.

I've been using this bag since I got them
I've been loving how roomy and pretty it is!

Rubber boots for the rainy season!

My starships! 
I miss them soooooooo much!!!

Reunion with my loves before Xris left for Italy and Brit for BKK.
We used to hangout like every night literally.
And everyone got busy with their thing.
I miss them sooo much!

Send off dinner to my friend Xris~
She left for Italy and wishing she'll be back soon. =)

I was accepted to Intern for THE Francis Libiran!
This is the most exciting part of my weeks, days and months to come.
Fangirl mode all the time~

This guy is so hot, nice and gorgeous!
His designs are so high fashion and sooo beautiful!!!
I'm not kissing ass here it's just that, I'm still in deep awe 
with how detailed and couture his garments are. 
And did I say how hot he is?

Really hot!

Cheetah is an FIP alumni and dropped by the school this week.
Here's a pic of Cheetah with me and my co-interns.
So humble and really funny I must say~

Can you see how detailed this gown is?
All those blue lines were hand stitched to the gown 
and ate up about 30 yards of fabric for the train part~

Week 2: 2nd meet.

Lunch @ Kozui
Spicy Chicken with Lettuce wrap and Yogurt sauce
Mint green tea (which tastes like listerine with mint leaves) =))

With my co-Interns.

Currently addicted to this!
Froyo with crushed graham + almond shreds = TDF!!!
Nom nom nom nom~

So, there you go~ I've been interning, schooling and camwhoring most of the time. This is by far is the most interesting thing that happened to me while in fashion school. As much as wanted to share what I'm doing as an intern,  due to confidentiality I cannot post any information about it. Maybe after my internship I'll make a detailed post about how my internship went. 

I'm cooking up a giveaway once I reach 200 followers so stay tuned for that. I miss blogging, blog-walking, attending events and meeting up with my blogger friends,  I hardly have time to open my laptop. Don't worry, I'll be updating this blog once in awhile. If you have any questions, suggestions, drop me a line or two on the comments section. I'm missing everyone! 



Mavin Reyes said...

aaah... 1st day of school heheh. i missed those days where everyone is eager to share stories about their summer

Christeen Cereno said...

I guess I need that booties :)

Tess Chancellor said...

you had fun photo blogging with your wacky photos and make up .I love the necklace.

Maria Gemma Defeo-Hilotin said...

you've been busy! love your make up and your boots!

Franc Ramon said...

You look so busy but I see you're also having a great time.

Edmaration etc said...

Ow. That pretty violet lips. Thats hot.

Maricel said...

Wow, you really had fun out there ... :)

Gay Emami said...

I LOVE your smokey blue eyes, do you have a tutorial vid for that? Hihi!

mark pogi said...

Photo-Blogging sounds fun. I'll try that sometime soon. ^_^

Michelle Bugante said...

WOW!!! Internship with Francis Libiran?????!!!! Lucky you!!! In an alternative life, I would also like to enroll at a fashion school and be a fashion designer. I wish I learned how to sew when I was a kid! Huhuhu :( Im so envious! hahaha I'm loving your bag and your booties. Are they Plueys? :D

Giezelle Uy said...

i miss u so much!!:)) aww nandito me!natouch ako!!See u very soon!lapit na boards ko!:)

Mai_Flores said...

Waaaah! You are so lucky to be interning with the famous Francis Libiran! Wish I had that opportunity back in fashion school. :P

Tin said...

THE Francis Libiran. Bow.

Teresa Martinez said...

Your photos reveal how much a good time you are having. Stay happy.

Manong Iskrambol said...

nice shots and you are totally enjoying every minute of your first day.. hope whole class year is like that even in times of deadlines and rushes hahahah

Kai Sensei said...

Gosh I can just imagine you going around and taking all those photos.. Miss you as well girl! I'm so happy for you and your current internship with Francis Libiran. Can't wait to hear all your stories on our next meet up!

Kalabasa K. Kamote said...

Seeing the photos made me believe that fashion school equals fun experience. :)

Ronnie Leyba said...

You are quite busy for something extraordinary. Just don't forget to blog and share with us your experiences.

Gellie Abogado said...

Babe! When will I bump into you??? IMY! :D

athena said...

love the palette and your eye make-up! :)
congratulations for your internship. it's just wow :)

Ric / Life N Canvas said...

Interning, schooling and camwhoring?, first time to hear that word!.. Yes, you seems so busy but I like the attitude!! Seize the moment! We've got only one life to live kaya enjoy and be grateful!!

Trisha Kue U said...

Wow you're good with makeups sis! :)

Violy said...

I love your bag! Been looking for a bag for a month now! ;( I'm so choosy with bags...

Kikomaxxx said...

busy nga masyado :)

Lily said...

busy as a bee ey? Take care always po! That guy over there is so hot, yeah! You've said many times. hehe. Goodluck with all your activities! :)

Noks Sosa I said...

You're enjoying your life. Good! And FL is truly a great designer. I love his works. Yay!

Airra Pingol said...

I'm also planning to go to a fashion school next year. wish me luck babe! wootwoot! :)

Gigi Celemin-Beleno said...

goodluck to all your endeavours. are you sure busy? with your cam? :D oh I like that rainy boots too.

Sumi Go said...

Love the photos sis! :D That smokey blue eye makeup looks so fierce! And wow! Intern for THE Francis Liberan, ikaw na sis Genn! XD

MissGennD said...

Hi Sumi~ Napaglaruan ko lang ung palette. Hihihi! Thanks! Yes to the S! Super kilig lang kaya tignan mo may mga heart heart ung picture hahahahaa! Salamat sa comment~

Kimyunalesca said...

Whoa! 200+ followers congrats!
Lovely necklace! bless me some of your creative juices lol :))
take care

Erika said...

How did you apply for an internship? Do you think he still has an opening? I'm graduating in a few months with a degree in fashion design. Hope you could reply. :)

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