Friday, April 27, 2012

FANCY BITES: Bar-B-King & Bibingkinitan

Juicy Angus Beef grilled to perfection
Unlimited Bar-B rice & Tinola soup
Corn & carrots on the side 
Plus, a glass of soda 
for just Php 150.00??? 
You read that right!
I'm not kidding!
I've been passing by this new restaurant for quite sometime now and never really had a chance to try them. The opportunity came up last week when I was invited to attend a food event by Food Asia in Megamall. My good friend and fellow blogger Jade of Me Loves Cooking asked me to attend a food event at Bar-B-King. And so I went there armed with my mighty taste buds, ready to be challenged by their famous best-seller, THE ULTIMATE ANGUS BEEF BELLY. I met Magie their Marketing Head, and Billy Sanz their VP for Operations. Richard Sanz (the owner and CEO for FoodAsia) left earlier for a meeting.  The event started when Magie welcomed us and introduced Billy to the group. Then he gave us a summary on how Bar-B-King & Bibingkinitan started. 
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Fast food Barbecue House

A different take on popular Filipino food fare - this is Bar-B-King. Real barbecue as good as it gets. Every cut of Bar-B-King's seasone meat plus taste of grilled seefoods and veggi infuse of amazing flavors. Juicy, tender and smoky!

Bar-B-King Charcoal-Grilled Barbecues is a Quick Service Restaurant concept of focusing on charcoal-grilled barbecues like pork, liempo, beef, steaks, pork chops, seafoods, veggies and more, The outdoor grilling or ihaw-ihaw ambience makes a perfect balance to the cozy, cool and restaurant ambience that drives more customers to enjoy the Bar-B-King experience.

Bar-B-King is 100% wholly owned and operated by FoodAsia Corporation, the company behind the success of today's known brands such as Bibingkinitan, The Bibingka Cafe, Tea Square and Fresh Foods. 

Established in 2010, it has now 5 branches: 
SM Makati
SM Megamall
SM Rosario
SM Damarinas
SM Olongapo

Now, Bar-B-King is venturing itself to franchising.

*Angus Beef Belly is USDA certified, baked-then-grilled, so tender you can use your spoon to slice it! Served with the most delicious Au Jus Gravy.*

Iced Barako + Bibingka Php60

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The Bibingka and Coffee Place

Bibingkinitan is the Philippines' leading and biggest bibingka and coffe chain popularized by it's variety of soft and moist bibingka (rice cake) and 100% Barako Coffee (Philippines Liberica), which is characterized by by its full strong flavor.

Established in 2006, Bibingkinitan had evolved from a brand new player in this category into the market leader withing 5 years, in terms of revenues, market share, and market presence with a store network of over 200 in key cities and towns nationwide.

In a time of popular burger joints and doughnut chains, Bibingkinitan has initiated renewed interest over Filipino delicacies thru an aggressive expansion program, as seen thru the very warm reception of its products whether in highly urbanized cities, or in rural areas.

2007 Best in Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
2008 Best in Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
2008 Fastest-Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
2009 Fastest-Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
2010 best in Franchise Support by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
2010 Fastest-Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines

* Iced Barako - Icy cool strong barako coffee with a twist. Freshly brewed and perfectly blended with a creamy taste.

That's a little background about our latest FANCY BITES: Bar-B-King & Bibingkinitan. Now let's check out what happened in the event through my snapshots a side comments

My plate of The Ultimate Angus Beef Belly a.k.a Ze Bad Boy
The Ultimate Angus Beef Belly
A bite full of grilled and smoky angus beef flavor melts in your mouth with it's juicy goodness! Yes that's how this bad boy partied in my mouth. They baked it before grilling, that makes the belly tender and juicy. You don't need a steak knife to cut through this piece of mouth watering chunk. This belly doesn't have that chewy factor that we all hate about poorly cooked beef. This is USDA approved good beef cooked to near perfection like it should be. It has this flavor that lingers and makes you crave for some more.  Grilling just takes 5 minutes before it reaches your table warm and juicy. You don't need to worry about the servings because they are equally weighed to make sure you are getting your money's worth. 

Bar-B Rice
It's unlimited and flavored to perfectly match bar-B-King's charcoal-grilled goodies. Served hot and steamy, sprinkled with love and spring onions.

Corn & Carrots
This side dish is tender not sloppy with a hint of butter.

Au Jus Gravy
I never really like gravy on my steaks, I'd rather have worcestershire (pronounced as woos-ter-sheer) sauce or plain soy and vinegar with pepper. But this one is just right for this steak. Not too salty, not sweet, just right. And served unlimited too!

Tinola Soup
 Tinola Soup
This may look bland and tasteless due to it's colorless state, but mind you it's full of flavor as you grandma's homemade Tinola! It has Malunggay leaves. It was served hot and steamy as well!
(I went back today and they served BULALO soup! I'm not sure if they are keeping it that way.)

Iced Barako in the house!!! Php45
Iced Barako
Then came this wonderful Iced coffee. I really don't like the "barako" idea that came with it. When it comes to my coffee I want them sweet, creamy and friendly not the BARAKO type. But this one is an exception! I love the blend of it! I loved it so much that I bought another one the next day. The Barako factor will kick in and help you stay up and alert!

A Box full of Goodness! Php120/box
Glorious Bibingka! Php20 a piece
The one that got away...
And partied in my tummy!
I am a fan of bibingka and puto bumbong. And sadly I only get to enjoy them during Christmas season. Good thing FoodAsia put this mini glorious bibingkas in the market. Now, I can enjoy my bibingka anytime of the year. I love how soft, moist, flavorful and buttery they are. I love that fact that prepared it the traditional way with salted egg in each and every cake together with a strip of cheese topped with a thin spread of fresh butter. It is cooked in the old way with a twist. Instead of coal above and below the cakes, they are using an electric powered mini over that heats on top and below of their mini oven. This is the perfect girlfriend for that Iced Barako! It's our version of donuts and cappuccino.


My Verdict:

Price - 5/5
C'mon! Where can you get an Angus beef this good for Php150?
That comes with unlimited rice, soup, a glass of soda and corn & carrots?

Taste - 5/5
Very tasteful that will make you crave for more!
I actually came back 2X this week for the steak and brought home a box of bibingks!

Serving - 4/5
That chunk is worth more than Php150 if you visit other food chains in the metro.

Presentation - 4/5
The food looks yummy, well prepared, warm enough and not dry.

Ambience - 3/5
I love the open kitchen part where you could see how your food is being prepared.
They need to improve on this part a little. Just a little homey touches I guess.

Service - 4/5
All servers and waiters are very courteous and friendly. 
They are consistent with their smiles and courtesy. 
(I went back 2X without them knowing that I am a part of the event)

Will I recommend this food chain to my friends and family? 

Now off to my favorite part!
Bloggers bonding time!!!
Bloggers on my right side:
Helen of Lucky Citrine
Gie of Third World Fashion
Jen of Shopgirl Jen
Kai of Brew of the Day
Bloggers on my left:
Joy of Gastronomy of Joy
Kate of Adventures of a Lady Explorer
Sumi of The Purple Doll
Stacy of Tsinoyfoodies
Me & Jade of Me Loves Cooking
Me & Gie of Third World Fashion
Me & Mommy Jen of Shopgirl Jen
Me & Kai of Brew of the Day
Me & Sumi of The Purple Doll

Jade, Sumi, Gie, Kai, Jen, Helen & Me
Since this is a food event we noticed that
we are all wearing flats. =)

To Chard, thank you so much for the lil favor I asked from you. 
To Magie, thank you for accommodating me and my request.

To Jade of Me Loves Cooking thank you so much babe for inviting me this wonderful event.  
To FOODASIA, may you guys continue to provide good food, great service and jobs for our Filipino brothers and sisters.

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That's all for our latest feature on FANCY BITES by MissGennD.
 I hoped I made you crave for some Angus Beef Belly, Iced Barako & Bibingka!



Berylle said...

Bar-b- King's Angus beef belly seems delicious! :)

Sweethestia said...

Naadik kna bhe... ♥♥♥ talaga ung bar-b-king

MissGennD said...

@ Berylle-it is! You must try~ Hihihi! Thanks for dropping by babe~

@ Jade-Mejo babe! Super thank you sa invite!

Wonder Woman said...

I wanna try this. Parang ang sarap talaga!

Please join my That Quaint Store giveaway if you haven't yet:

Kitten said...

It was nice meeting you. You're super nice :)

Kei said...

Babe! I want to try this with you! Date soon! ;)

Hazel☺ said...

wow yummy and affordable!! definitely must try this! i only tried bibingkinitan recently and i liked it very much!

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

That was an awesome review! The event was tummy-filling and the people was so cordial. Nice to meet you at the event. Hope to see you in future events. Will be following your posts from now on, hope you could add me up as well, thanks and stay gorgeous!

Joy said...

i like bibingkinitan too, barbecues are my favorite dish also, i just wonder why the angus beef in that food chain is so affordable?

Michelle said...

I actually read Sumi's post about this. Been dying to try it since it's near my work place lang plus super sulit pa!!! :D I'll drop by talaga one of these days :D

Joeyboy said...

Wow looks yummy and interesting review..Will definitely try this.. :)

Liz said...

I wanna try what they have to offer especially that bibingka!

Sumi Go said...

Hey sis! It was so nice to finally meet you and bond over a nice serving of Bar-B-King's angus beef belly! :D Pasensya na I was a little tamed pa that day.. hahaha.. Hope to see you again soon.. ^^

Rachelle said...

drooling here! will definitely try that when i go to our second home.. the Megamall. hehe..

Blogger Bark said...

Love Bibingkinitan... When i was a kid... i always loved bibingka and it sucks that very few places offer such ... but now... you can get it anywhere... all thanks to bibingkinitan

Mai Flores said...

I would have to ask --- how did the Angus Beef, BBQ rice and Tinola soup tasted like? I mean, given if you've mixed everything in one bite. :)

Carizza Chua said...

i love barbking, it's so affordable and delicious!!!

Yuu Ki said...

wow that is a great price for an angus beefand been hearing good raves about i'll check those both...

Traveling Morion said...

with that price?! wow san kapa! Juicy Angus beef looks extra yummy plus the bibingka wew

markpogi said...

A 150-peso angus beef? This I got to try ASAP! ^_^

rom salvar said...

ang mura ah.. ang sarap naman dyan. ^^. I love bibingka..

Anonymous said...

Geez this is such an enviable experience. We don't have Bibingkinitan here in Cebu, and I'm a big fan of rice cakes. Btw, how much is that Angus belly?

tatess said...

bibingka is really wahat i missed most ,sarap and od course the Filipino babrbecue recipes

april :) said...

i don't see sm davao :(
i guess it's not yet here ?
food looks tastyyy ~

Rossel said...

The bbq angus beef belly looks yummy.

lonerzone said...

With the way the food look...and the price. Great deal!

Shirgie said...

this post made me really hungry seeing that there's beef belly on the menu..and in fairness, it is cheap at 150 pesos./

Anonymous said...

Lemme try this soon :)

gagay said...

any restaurants that offer 'UNLIMITED RICE' are always a GO GO GO for foodie for me..hahaha...

Argee Abadines said...

good review! :) looks like a good value for money restaurant. Will try it out one of these days :)

MissGennD said...

It really is dear! Yummy, and not chewy that's the best part. =)

MissGennD said...

Shlight lang babe! hahaha! Pati si Boyf nagustuhan din~ Super thanks talaga sa invite! <3

MissGennD said...

Try it soon! Ang sarap lang nya talaga considering the price it's super worth it!

MissGennD said...

You are you and so quiet! hihihi! Next time ulit dear~

MissGennD said...

Date we must! IMY!

MissGennD said...

Haze you must try it soon!!!!! Pati ung bibingka naadik na din ako~

MissGennD said...

It was nice sitting beside you mommy Joy! Kahit sandaling pangungulit lang ang nagawa ko syo. hihihi! Hope to bump into you again. I followed your blog already. =) nakakagutom lang basahin. =)

MissGennD said...

Angel sorry I accidentally removed the URL from your comment... I'm new to this thing eh hinde ko na maibalik... =(

MissGennD said...

Their bibingka are soft and moist. Plus the salted egg you can really taste it. The angus beef are served by 100grams portion I dunno if it is something that pulls the price down. Whatever the reason is, that P150 for that meal is so worth it! Thanks for dropping by~

MissGennD said...

I saw Sumi at the event at kinulit ko sha ng sobra. Hihihi~ Sarap talaga promise! After the event siguro I've been goin back for 5X na or more. Super sulit and sarap lang. Hinde ka magsisisi...

MissGennD said...

Nako for guys bentang benta ang UNLI-RICE you must try the cheapest angus beef soon!

MissGennD said...

The bibingka is LOVE! Been buying it over a box of donuts lately...

MissGennD said...

Oo nga eh nagulat ako ikaw na pala si Sumi! Naghahanap ako ng green hair sa event wala. Hihihi! Cge next time walang tamed tamed na ah... Aminin mo masarap sha for 150 noh? =)

MissGennD said...

kahit ako whenever nakikita ko un beef parang gusto ko pumunta sa Mega... Hihihi~

MissGennD said...

So true! I used to only get them when christmas is nearing. But now bibingka anwhere! Thanks to FoodAsia for providing us our bibingka all year round! =)

MissGennD said...

Hmmm I don't have an idea. How about by pairs?
Angus Beef + Rice = Yummy!
Tinola soup + Rice = pwede na (not a fan of soups kasi)
Tinola soup + Angus Beef = never tried
The best partners would be Angus Beef + Rice + Gravy = Party in my mouth and tummy!

MissGennD said...

I am not hooked to BarBKing~

MissGennD said...

The cheapest in town! Bibingka is LOVE! Soft and moist! Check it out soon~

MissGennD said...

Totoo sa 150 complete na with unli rice pa! The beef is i think an inch thick or more. Bibingka is LOVE i can't find any other words to describe it.

MissGennD said...

Lemme know how was it ah! =)

MissGennD said...

Must try the Angus Beef! The bibingka is so soft and moist. Pde din microwave ganon pa din sha kasoft~

MissGennD said...

Awww wala pa? Will let them know na they should branch out to Cebu. Dami masasarap na kainan jan sobra! I miss AAAA i love their longganisa. P150 lang ung Angus beef belly~

MissGennD said...

Dati tuwing magpapasko ka lang makakatikim ng bibingka, buti ngayon all year round pde na. =)

MissGennD said...

Wala pa nga yata sa Davao wala pa din sa Cebu... Kailangan na nila magbranch out~ Super tasty dear!

MissGennD said...

It is really yummy! And cheap too! =)

MissGennD said...

your P150 is worth it with that meal! Unli rice & soup for all~

MissGennD said...

this post does that to me all the time~ Yeah for P150 you get a complete meal with unli rice and soup and the yummiest and cheapest angus beef in town!

MissGennD said...

You. Must. =)

MissGennD said...

True napansin ko everytime I eat there madaming kumakain na SA's and students pasok kasi sa budget ung mga meals tpos Unli Rice and Soup pa.

MissGennD said...

Thank you dear~ Your P150 is worth it with their Angus beef meal. You'll get hooked like it did to me~ =)

Michelle said...

It's almost midnight and I'm craving. The photos got me really hungry :|
Thanks for the review :)

Maria Gemma Defeo-Hilotin said...

seeing food like this makes me want to call the Magic Genie to bring me home for a vacation - fast! bibingkaaaaaa!!!

athena bellotindos said...

CHEESE BIBINGKA! It's been a while since I had one. :(
It's nice to see you with fellow bloggers :)

Eugene Constantino said...

I really like Bibingkinitan for quick snacks, good value for money :D

Eigroj Stain said...

Namiss ko tuloy ang bibingka pagkakita ko sa post mo---- ayos tng resto na to ah--- malalaki ung serving s sulit ung babayaran... it's worth a try...

Cha said...

I have never tried bibingkinitan yet. But I love BBQ!

imriz said...

fantastic price for the beef . loved your review. sure looks like a gastronomic treat for a bunch of pretty bloggers.

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